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[Freelance] 3D Character Artist - Sculpting / Modeling / Texturing

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Hello everyone. I'm Rodrigo Navone.

 I'm a passionate 3D character artist. I mainly do highpoly or lowpoly sculpting, retopology and texturing. I also have some experience with rigging.
 Although everything needs to be finalized at some point, I take great care for details and seek perfection giving my best. I'm willing to collaborate on projects that I find interesting. 

 I'm open to commissions and also looking for full time or part time jobs, I have flexible work hours.

My strengths are:
- Zbrush advanced techniques, retopology and texturing optimization.
- Understanding and aplication of human anatomy, color theory, composition.
- Graduated Art School and finished advanced drawing/painting/sculpting courses.

Software expertise: Zbrush, Substance Painter, Blender, Photoshop.

Thanks for reading,
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