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How do you normally bake AO?

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JustAfterDark polygon
Hey, so in Painter, I normally bake the other maps 1st targeting by name, and then, do a AO pass that targets all meshes, so that it gets everywhere around the model. Is this the common workflow?

I'm asking this because I'm noticing that my machine struggles when baking using the "always" method instead of "by name". It eats the RAM completely, but I'm gessing it's due to very heavy HP? It finishes correctly, nevertheless, I'm just curious if this is "normal" with heavy models.


  • poopipe
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    poopipe polycount lvl 666
    AO and thickness are both heavy things to bake. 
    You can speed it up by reducing samples / search distance ( can't remember what parameters are available in painter)  but in the end many more sums have to happen than with a normal/curvature bake so it takes a lot longer.
  • JustAfterDark
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    JustAfterDark polygon
    Hey, thanks @poopipe I think it was some short of bug, baker not using the GPU or something for some unknown reason. It baked flawlessly in the end (well, almost, there's always some proximity error). Very happy with how well it baked actually, if interested check Vegeta's post to see :)
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