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I'm Looking For A 3D Character Artist To Commission

Hi there, 

I'm looking for an experienced 3D Character artists to commission a full render of my human male character. 

I'm looking for something similar to these in both quality and end result: 

I will be able to provide a fullbody reference (front and back) of the character. I'd like this commission to sort of capture the personality and essence of this character in a glance. Posture, build, facial features and expression are important here.

This is for a personal project, however I do require that there be a 'work for hire agreement' signed. I would like all the raw files onces complete, along with the finished work. 

If interested please send me a message with your portfolio, and price quote. 

If you haven't heard back from me in two - three weeks then I've most likely found an artist, or I'm still looking. Either way I greatly appreciate your interest, and taking the time to contact me with your portfolio. 

Thank you!


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