VFX/3D Artist looking for next assignment - Freelance/Remote

Hi there.
I'm Philippe, founder of Not A Company and currently available for freelance work: from VFX and 3D to level design and blueprint prototyping.

Having a bachelor in Digital Arts & Entertainment, working on my own game Hoverloop on all aspects for some years and having AAA experience as a VFX artist I'm confident I can help you with the art support you need!
My specialty lies in Unreal Engine 4.

Previous projects:
-Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition
-LEGO Dimensions (& Marvel Avengers)

Some example images: (CLICK HERE FOR CLIPS!)

More work: http://philippemesotten.weebly.com/
Shoot me an email for more info or an assignment: philippe.mesotten [at] not-a-company.com
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