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[WIP] Panzerkampfwagen VI AUSF B Tiger II (Königstiger)

Project I started some time ago and worked on every once in a while. It is not perfect and there might be a few disproportions here and there given the nature of the typical blueprints you find online. Few of the parts I had to improvise, for the top view I used reference pictures of a toy model.

I'm still learning, but I started 3d modelling around 2004. It's safe to say that I didn't put that much time into it over the years.

Here are some pictures of my workflow and some simple clayrenders.



  • CybranM
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    CybranM greentooth
    Looking solid! It'd be great if you could post some higher res images of the tracks and roadwheels.

    It would be a bit easier to give feedback if you posted some of the references you were using. Some areas like this cluster on the engine deck doesnt quite look like what I can find online. I'm guessing the reference youre using is one of the later production units with the cover-plate (blue), so if you want to be accurate you'd want to add the mesh covers over the air intakes.
    You seem to be missing one of the two carburetor intake covers on the central engine bay hatch.

    There seems to be some loose subD corners (blue) and you're missing the cutout for the drivers periscope mirror (red), same with the radio operators periscope (that I forgot to mark).
    The model is also missing two air intakes ahead of the fan units on the engine deck. You should probably sharpen the corners of the engine bay central hatch as well, its looking very rounded compared to the real thing.

    Are you planning on adding the towcables, tracks and other equipment on the sides?

    Just some things I noticed, the model is good over all and I hope this didn't come off as negative. I just want to help you make this model the best it can be! :smiley:
  • megaerathia
    Thank you for your reply! It's surprising how much someone else can notice even if they're not nose deep into the project, hehe. I didn't notice that the curvatures didn't align in the area that you'd marked in blue.

    Here's a quick clay render of the tire tracks. Some parts look a bit flat I'm afraid and I have been a bit lazy with the wheels (they're flat at the back side, plus they're floating in between the tracks at the moment).

    As for references, I've mostly plucked real life pictures off of various image aggregators where as precise details were a bit blurry. These are the blueprints that I'm using at the moment:

    Which I'm trying to follow as closely as possible.

    As for the top view of the tank I'm using some toy tank models reference pictures (I have a building kit I have to finish for the same model actually :) ). I wasn't really aware that there were many variants on this model, I assumed that they loosely interchanged the gear on the side and rear of the tank, considering that the mounting hooks to the side panels of the tank. I've seen some photos where the same gear on the left side was mounted on the right side in a different photo.

    For the top cover of the tank (Not the turret) I saw that there were some differences between models, but as I could not get good reference pictures for those parts I just tried to follow the blueprints as closely as possible. It might be a good idea to do a bit more research next time. =) I deemed these to be pretty good reference pictures:

    As for the main chassis, I'm still using a symmetry modifier for the time being (using 3ds max), so I'll leave the looser uneven details for a bit later. The front of the chassis has two indentations for example that are slight off-center.

    I'm planning to add all (if not most) details to the tank, but the very small parts can be pretty time consuming (or at least a bit mind draining after you've been working for some time hehe).

    Thank you for your input also! And it was far from negative, I appreciate it. I'll be working on the model a bit later and post some updates.
  • megaerathia
    Small update, decided to bump for visibility.

    Added a few items and tried to do a few minor corrections. Not really happy with some objects (squary).
  • megaerathia
    It has been some time, have not had the time to do much. Some clay renders :

    And some test renders, still not perfect plus that it looks a bit like a toy tank. Texture is a quick improvised photoshop thing I whipped up quickly.

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