[WIP] Pre-steampunk Tower Defense Game

Hey folks!

I'm creating with my friends a 3D Tower Defense game with some elements of RPG and story telling in pre-steampunk world. It's our 4th game project on a game creation course in Warsaw - we'll be presenting it to publishers in September. We've started working on it in July. Our team has two programmers, one designer, one 2D graphic artist and me as 3D graphic artist. I'll be posting here some work I've done for the game.

Feel free to comment, criticize or just say hi :) 

Below are first towers I've made. There're 3 variations of arrow tower. There'll be always a normal/regular tower and two upgrades of it (depends of what side you'll choose) - peasant or steamers. 

Arrow tower - regular (untextured)

Arrow tower - peasant (untextured)

Arrow tower - steamers (untextured)


  • AdrianZaplata

    Here's another set of towers I've done through the last weeks. This one is a siege tower that has splash damage.

    Siege tower - regular (untextured)

    Siege tower - peasant (untextured)

    Siege tower - steamers (untextured)

    I've noticed with my friends that .fbx files exported from blender and imported to unity has a scale of 100. I'll be fixing all of it today and import all those towers to the engine properly. Then I'll be working on barracks and textures for those towers.
  • AdrianZaplata
    I've been working last few days on texturing and animation. Results below. I've also fixed problem with the import to Unity and found out that there're some problems with exporting animations aswell. In the next few days I'll be working on those problems and doing some more props for the game (balista and steamers building). We have very limited time and there're a lot of models need to be done, so I'm making those models and textures very simple. Our MVP is very ambitious and I'm the only one doing 3D graphics with limited time (I'm working after hours).

    @ I'm also curious how to render single images in Unity... I've read that some developers would like to see renders from game engines in portfolio... Is it true? Any ideas how to do it with good quality? :) Thank you!

  • AdrianZaplata
    Today I've fixed the animation of siege towers. The problem was that Unity needs assigned weight to all vertexes - not only to those which are moving. So I've created a new bone for all the stationary pieces and assigned weight to it.  Now everything works fine and towers are working in game engine! :) Here are some videos of those animations. 

    Next stage... balista model (probably 3 versions - regular, peasant and steamers). We're running out of time so we're cutting some things, so it's possible I'll make only the regular one).
    Here're some concepts I'll be looking.

     I'd love to have a lot more time for those so I could work on those - especially with materials/textures, but well... deadline is near! Criticism and comments are welcome :) 
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