3D Generalist looking for work: Full time, Part Time, Contracts, Freelance

Hello, everyone!

If you creating a game or you need an asset for it, creating promo or something special and unique don't hesitate contact me.


3D Modelling \ Sculpting - from Hard Surface to Organic models.

UV Mapping: for games, movies, ads.

Texturing: PBR and old fashion way.

Rigging, 3D Animation, Compositing, Lighting, Visual Effects, Motion tracking.

Freelance work Price list:

From: 10 eur per /Hrs

3D Projet type + hour rate

3D Projet MINI: 350 eur.

3D Projet MIDI: 750 eur.

3D Projet MAXI: 1500 eur.

Portfolio you can find here: https://cursedmonk.artstation.com

More about me



Email: [email protected]

Some of my work:

Niche Chapel - low poly mesh, under 1k tris. texutre 1024x2048

Audi Q7 SubD

Low poly house for tale "devils horse" | tris: 6194 ,2k texture

Drone Mimic Hard surface SubD

Low Poly Soviet Tank T-34 Game ready |  tris: 20330 , two sets of texture 1k & 512 texture

Sci Fi woman low poly  whole character 23k | two texture sets : head 1k, body 2k

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