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My name is Krystian Gołębczyk, I am 3d artist(more than 10 years) – mostly hard surface modeler and texture artist based in Wroclaw/Poland. I worked for Techland Company (major game developer in Poland) for more than 8 years. In 2016 and 2017 I was hard surface/texture artist freelancer and until 30-11-2018 I was 3d artist at Nano Games. I am available for work now.

Games I have worked on: Call of Juarez series(Bound in Blood, The Cartel, Gunslinger), Dead Island, Dying Light, Dying Light The Following, Hellraid. In Dying Light, Dying Light The Following and Hellraid I worked as a 3d artist and texture artist.
My mail: krystian.golebczyk [at] gmail.com

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