HairTG - Hair & Fur, procedural hair/fur texture generator

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I am updating this post at the release of HairTG -Hair & Fur, new name of the Hair Clump Tool in its 2.0 version.

Hair & Fur
2.0, hair/fur texture generator for Substance Designer has just been released with many new features: support for wavy/curly hair, braids, various colorization modes, externalized depth profiles, new tiling tools, better accessibility with samples/templates/presets, 70+ pages illustrated User Manual and more. It's a free update to current users of the Hair Clump Tool. HairTG - Strand,  the free, limited version of the tool will be updated with the new core shortly.

For a list of features and where to get the tool, please check the Hair & Fur website and this post for what's new in the 2.0 version.

As a note to those non familiar with Substance Designer, Hair & Fur is usable with very little knowledge of it. My recommendation is to:
  1. Watch the Substance Designer UI Basics video series on Substance Academy.
  2. Follow the Getting Started section of the Hair & Fur User Manual.
  3. Open the samples, load presets provided with the package and examine them, tweak parameters etc.

After these 3 steps, you should be all set and ready to use Hair & Fur for your own designs.

You may also check the Teaser video.

Feel free to use this thread for questions/support!


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    I've released a small update addressing a few issues in the 1.2 release, 1.2.1 release notes are the following:

    • Updated all graphs to Substance Designer 2019.1.0: make sure to use this version to open the sbs demo files (sbsars are still compatible with the previous version).
    • HairTG – Tiler template graph has been rebuilt for better organization and performance. There are now visualization nodes at each output of each hair clump as well as resolution reduction before entering into the Tiler nodes which greatly improves performance of the latter. The new graph also outputs a Normal map if needed.
    • All sbsars have now proper icons for showing up into the Library.
    • Tiler packages have been updated so the graph contained into the sbsar package can now be dragged from the Library into a user graph.
    • Documentation update, in particular regarding the new Tiler sample graph.

    There are cool new features planned for the coming months for the Hair Clump Tool so stay tuned!
  • OlivierLau
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    OlivierLau triangle
    I am updating this thread for the 2.0 release of Hair & Fur, new name of the Hair Clump Tool. Please check the main post for new video, screens and details!
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    Thanks for updating these threads Olivier. Your works looks very interesting :)
  • OlivierLau
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