[WIP] Hales (futuristic army veteran)

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O hello! Finally I have something to show for this project.

I decided to base it this concept by Ivan Yakushev:
My aim is to have him be a tad more realistic and less cartoony than the concept while trying to keep the same vibe as much as possible.

So far I have him in advanced block out - most of the pieces are in, with some already clean enough to add detail on. Had to compromise some shapes a bit as they wouldn't make much sense in a 3D environment or weren't clear enough in the first place.
Body anatomy was based off a scan, with the head being remade from scratch.
The pants are a Marvelous simulation I made for simple folding with a couple strokes thrown on them.

Right now there isn't much in the way of detail but I plan to take care of it in the coming weeks, as I suddenly found myself with so much spare time now.

so yeah, regards and see you later ppls, stay tuned


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