(Paid) Stylised character work

We're looking for someone proficient in  both concept design and sculpting to help create a range of comic fantasy characters. The aim is to create a house style that will allow us to create a range of collectable character models (3D printed masters, then resin cast). The right applicant should understand all elements of preparing a file for print and a little understanding of casting wouldn't hurt. The final pieces will be small, tumble-polished and simple. Should the early stages of the project are a success, we're looking for someone who is able to continue to grow the range to 20-40 characters over the next few years. 

Stylistically we're looking at something bold, chunky, clean and full of personality. Somewhere between old-school tabletop gaming and low poly style. Other styles considered, it's just got to be flippin' brilliant. 

Fee fully negotiable. We appreciate the work that goes into this field and we are looking to rip anyone off, we want to attract the right person and we're willing to pay for excellence. We're not dicks. We want this to be a fun experience.

Anyone interested, please IM me with relevant examples of your work. Look forward to hearing from some of you. 


  • IamNOTaNUMBER1234
    Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the wonderful responses in the first 24 hours (what an awesome community this is), I'm very much enjoying reviewing all the fabulous work, I'll be in touch with you all over the next week. 

  • IamNOTaNUMBER1234
    Hi all, we've found the person we're after. I'd love to get back to you all individually but it's taking way too long as Polycount only lets me post 2 replies every few minutes and I keep getting sidetracked. Regardless, thank you to everyone that took the time to get in touch. We received tens of applicants who would have been suitable... you lot are awesome! Apologies again if I haven't got back to you individually. I got about halfway through over the past 3 days... but it's just taking too long to respond as you all deserve. 

    Good luck with all yer future projects. 

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