[FILLED] Need 2 game-ready customizable rigged Medieval characters + clothes + hair; pays $2000

Important Note: This is an alternative version of this freelance request, phrased very differently. Our goal is the same, but we realized it might be easier to make new models from scratch than to decimate, retopo, and re-rig existing models. Only one of these two jobs will be funded.

Brief Description

I would like to commission 2 rigged, highly customizable, game-ready characters, one male and one female, for a Medieval setting. Each character needs the following options:
  • Changable skin color
  • At least 4 ages (teen, young, middle, old)
  • 5 hair styles with changable colors
  • 10 outfits (underwear, rags, fancy, armor, etc.)
  • Several facial expressions (happy, sad, afraid, etc.)
I'm looking for something similar to this project, but a little higher poly and with a Medieval theme.

Pay: $2000

This number may be negotiable, but this is about how much money is available.

Timeline: Negotiable

Ideally done by end of February, but quality is more important than speed.

Ownership: Non-Exclusive!

I do not need exclusive ownership over these assets after you make them, as long as I can use and modify them indefinitely. In other words, I'm happy for you to re-sell these assets on places like the Unity Asset Store after this job. In fact, it would be ideal if you would publish them on the Unity Asset Store and then grant me a license for it (if that's possible).


Stephen G. Ware, University of New Orleans, [email protected]

I'm a Prof. of Computer Science and I do game development work, so I have basic literacy here, but I mainly do AI and have little experience with graphics.

Please include the following information in your application:
  • How many years experience you have and any companies you have worked for as an artist.
  • Link to portfolio.
  • Examples of characters you have made. Preference will be given to those who have made customizable characters.
  • Examples of assets you have published on the Unity Asset Store. Preference will be given to people who have published there.


Once we have identified the right artist for this project, we will send concept art for the hair and clothing.
Each character, with hair and clothes, should be between 5k and 10k polygons.
We'll be using these in Unity, so we would like the characters delivered as game-ready FBX files.
We don't necessarily need a full facial rig, but we do need common facial expressions like happy, sad, afraid, etc.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!


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