Looking For Unity FX Artist for Mobile game (Freelance) (Filled)

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Cthomp13 null
Hello All,

We are looking for a Unity FX Artist for Mobile game project.
The position would be Freelance, but the work load could be quiet large.
Start time would be soon!

The artist would look at existing art and create FX that better fit the vision.
We are basically trying to give our FXs an overhaul and bring them into a great place!
Creative thinkers are welcome. Creating Textures, models or Prefabs necessary for integration into the game.

FX Artist must have skill in creating textures and geometry needed for stylized VFX.
Able to paint special FX textures from scratch and match an established style
Experience with Unity FXs, mobile experience is a big plus of course.
Communication is Key. Being able to take feedback constructively is important.

We are perfectly willing to pay a competitive rate for your time. So please include that along with your portfolio. (Price/per Hour)

If you have any other questions please message me here or at my email [email protected]
Looking forward to seeing your amazing submissions! 

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