How do I export rigged models with IK bones to Unity and maintain the IK functionality?

Do I have to re-do some of the armature in Unity? Is it possible to just make my animations in Blender and export those to Unity?

Currently I'm exporting and importing via a Collada file, not sure if I should be doing something else or what.

 Forgot to mention that this is Blender.


  • Eric Chadwick
    Unity can only import a forward kinematics hierarchy... Just simple parent-child links. 

    You can animate using a more complex rig (IK, etc.) but on export it will turn into FK.

    If you need interactive IK in Unity, read the help file, and/or seek out an IK tool in the Asset Store.
  • olavi404
    You can always bake out the animation utilizing the armature and IK key-frames in Blender but will be returned as forward kinematic and mostly used for performant/static animation use, but as Eric stated you will need to drive IK handles with real-time solvers through an existing asset store package, Unity's built in Mecanim "Animator" parameters, or calculating them on your own. Final IK is a great package to try out if you are looking to do a lot with IK functionality with either bipedal/quadrupedal organisms and don't want to create your own, or follow along using Unity's Mecanim system that supports IK with existing humanoid avatars.
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