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I am Ibrahim Lancoln and in this thread I share with you my Photo Reference Packs available on: 

Gumroad | Cubebrush | Artstation

I am also here to listen to your suggestions for the future packs I could create for you and if you create artworks with my photo references, feel free to post them in this thread :)

In the Nomad Photo Reference project I've set myself a challenge to create 100 packs by the end of 2018 !

Photo pack counter: 83/100

Get the Bundle: Free Photo References on Gumroad or Cubebrush


Behold my ultimate freebie !

This is where I gather all of my free photo references from all of my Photo Packs and each time I release a new photo pack I add the free samples here.

Bundle details

Each folder corresponds to a photo pack, in each one of them you can find:

  • 5 photos (full quality, no watermark)
  • Previews of the full pack
  • 1 .txt file with the links to the product page

You can send me your artwork:

[email protected]

Even if credit is not required, I love to see what you create with my photos. Besides I will feature your artwork(s) on my social medias and give you a 10% discount code available for all of my photo reference packs on Gumroad & Cubebrush.

Free royalty:

The actual copyright to NOMAD PHOTO REFERENCE images always remains with me.

You are however allowed to incorporate the images as a part of any commercial or personal project you create or own the copyright to.

Photo Reference Packs list:

Texture Packs list:

PNG Cutout Photo Packs list:


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