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I am Ibrahim Lancoln and in this thread I share my Photo Reference Packs available on my Website: 

Nomad Photo Reference

Gumroad & Cubebrush

I set myself a challenge to create 100 packs by the end of 2018, so stick with me and of course you are welcome to suggest me some themes !

Counter: 44/100

Photo Reference Pack: CORSICA Hiking Vol. 1

Gumroad | Cubebrush 


I went to Corsica in February 2018 to spend some time with an old friend and to do voluntary work at "Les Glénans", a sailing school association. So I made the most of this trip and took many photos to create this reference pack.

From a game artist for game artists. I created this pack the way I would like to get it. There are landscapes and all of the details to create a landscape like the textures or foliage from every angle.

For more image previews, go to the complete description page on my website:

Photo Reference Pack Corsica Hiking Volume 1

Ideal for

  • Concept artists
  • Matte-painters
  • Photo-bashing
  • Environment artists
  • Lighting artists
  • Material & Texture artists
  • Props artists
  • Foliage artists

Photo pack details

  • Photo count: 246
  • Location: France > Corsica > Hiking between Fazzio beach and Bonifacio
  • Format: JPG
  • Resolution: between 4K x 4K | 4K x 6K
  • Camera: Nikon reflex D7200
  • Size: 3,4 Go


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