[Riot Creative Contest 2017] - Tao Metadilogkul

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pepmeta vertex
Hi guys , my school almost done , joining after semester end :D


  • pepmeta
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    pepmeta vertex
    My English is not great sorry guys :'( I will try my best.

    My turret goal.

    Since turret is so painful to tank or dive for  kill in LOL.
    Back in the old time when I was so little , I still remember my favorite game before there is LOL.
    this tree turret in DOTA1 have animation throw some kind of a rock to player.
    my childhood memories..made me want to see LOL turret that can be able to move ( have some animation trigger interact with player more ) 
    sounds like dream come true for me it should probably look more fun than standing still turret :D

    I decided to create turret along with my thinking process :)
    hopefully I can deliver final output along with design process

    - IDLE
    stand still like rock noting happen 

    sword/dagger spin and projectile to creeps ( noting move only dagger spin ) 

    statue have animation  when champion trigger in attack area ( throwing some kinda magical knife to player ) ( this will relate to inhibitor if I still have time )

    outer ring turn follow her direction
    inner ring  - spin opposite side from outer 

    more sketches 

    and more sketches , draw over blocking
    Im thinking of final output with a pose, probably while her throwing projectile.
    I dont like this one :( probably I will block new pose I want her to look more agressive throwing LOL

    any comments are really appreciated
    thank you so much..
  • pepmeta
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    pepmeta vertex
    my references at the moment // time to sleep ^ ^

  • NBerbatov
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    NBerbatov polycounter lvl 4
    Good design :) I like it ! Good luck :)
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