[Riot Creative Contest 2017] Tao Metadilogkul

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pepmeta vertex
Hi there ! my school almost done. I will be here after semester end!  :)



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    pepmeta vertex
    update 12.19.2017 


    My goal is to design Turret base on my dream idea of turret, 
    I want turret in LOL to be able to move during attack phase. ( have some animation ).
    Since turret is the most painful for player to dive for kills in the game(HAHA) I want my turret to have some animation design base on it too :) so... it might look more ? painful maybe lol
    Anyway.. this is kind of my dream to see turret in LOL actually can be able to move follow attack direction.

    I want my turret to be heavily design before I jump to 3D.

    Please apologize my English is not great.

    My references by far


    So I start of to think how many phase turret should have.
    - IDLE

    ring of turret ..
    there gonna be outer ring and inner ring which rotate clockwise and counter clockwise.
    The big ring probably follow statue direction , the smaller one just move around look more like indicator.

    - IDLE
    When idle I want her to look like stone stay still noting happen.

    Only little dagger spin and projectile to creeps 

    When player trigger turret area
    then she start to lights up on eye ( maybe not sure )  and throw off dagger with animation.

    so .. probably it has to be rig half top and half bottom just rotate :)

    base 1
    base 2
    trigger champion in area.

    I sketch some of my ideas ...

    Since final delivery should be still image composite with in game screen shot .. I'm thinking of doing the pose that she's attacking on champion 
    blocking and more sketches :)

    any comments are more than welcome

    Thank you so much

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