[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Los Muertos Ivern

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Shazgar vertex
I've bounced back and forth between ideas, both champions and skins, and finally settled on a Day of the Dead inspired Ivern skin.
Despite the theme being dead and Ivern revolving around life and nature, I think there's something to be said in the excitement, colour and happy fun in the Day of the Dead festivities, and I think that could mesh quite nicely with Ivern's personality. I also found that his skinny body works quite nicely as a skeleton.
Instead of common Mexican themes like the sombrero and the cactus, I wanted to focus more on the flowers, the candles and bright, rich colours. I think it's a better fit for Ivern.

I'll keep updating my progress!

Here is the concept I came up with. I'd appreciate any feedback you have!


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