The Heir Of Slytherin - By Ross Baxter

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Hi Everyone! Here's one of my recent personal art projects - The Heir Of Slytherin. This personal project is my own interpretation of Lord Voldemort's throne if he gained power within the Chamber of Secrets. The project was mainly created in Zbrush with the occasional use of Maya. All Renders can be found on my ArtStation:


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    Larry keyframe
    This is looking really awesome!Could you be as kind to answer some questions on how you did that? I am fairly new and I would like to make a couple of furniture like that but I do not know how to approach this.
    1) Did you create all the basic shapes in maya and then sculpted them? And the ornaments?
    2) I have no idea on how to create such a chair skeleton/legs
    3) how long did this take you?
  • rbaxter12
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    Hi there! Sure not a problem. Thanks for the kind words btw. So for ornate sculpting i use zbrush and turn on symmetry to block out the main shapes until i'm ready to break it up and then begin to add secondary and tertiary details. Main focus is always silhouette. If there's certain shapes your not sure how to make yet and prefer Maya then just use that. For the time of this project its kinda of difficult to give a accurate time as i did it in my spare time whilst working on other projects but roughly 2 months. Main tip when creating complicated shapes is make parts as individual subtools if you don't know how to make it as one. And if you want you could dynamesh it. Then make your low poly from the mesh. 
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