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[Riot 2017 Art Contest] Solar Eclipse Leona [Submited!]

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I call this finished! 
Final piece

next step: details +corrections +effects!

Main lineart:

I hope the perspective is okay, C&C are welcome!

Hi there! My friend is a big fan of Leona and also I do so I decided to do my skin version of Dark Eclipse Leona. I know there are lots of fan made skins out there, but I want to try to make my version.

I gathered my references my approach is an JRPG armor style, mainly dark with gold accents (like a dark knight in ff series)

Also I made a 20 min sketch with Leona being super slim and out of proportions but it gets the general idea of the design I want to approach. Also, short hair for Leona ftw.

Heres the sketch


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