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Hello, I am in the process of developing a 2D top-down rts/Moba game for iOS, Android, and Steam. I need an artist capable of making "cute" but menacing animal sprites and animations as well as an artist capable of making good looking tilesets, UI, and towers. I prefer vector art; however, I may accept pixel tilesets. Artists can be the same person if you have all skills. Payment amount and method is negotiable and will be fair for both parties. If you are somewhat artistic and interested E-mail me at [email protected] 


  • daemius
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    daemius polycounter lvl 6
    Offer is not paid, it's dependent on Kickstarter funding or rev-share, ergo, poster should be honest and upfront about it as to not lose time from serious freelancers.
    Also, poster is very unprofessional, this is the email I got after I politely pointed it out that I was under the impression this was a paid offer.
    How was I not honest? The job is paid, I asked as an option if you would like to get paid after the Kickstarter. I am more flexible after this point because I am currently on a tight budget and you could get paid more in the long run. I explained this all in the E-mail which it seems you are too illiterate to comprehend the entire thing. Word of advice: Don't try to mess with your interviewer. I find that disrespectful and you are definitely not being considered as a potential employee as your ability to make a half-decent first impression on a 19 year old college student is atrocious. I don't have very high standards, it should be ashamed that you are so insolent to fall below them. I don't take bullshit, thank you.

  • LimitedSlipStudios
    move it to the rev share section.  this is for paid full/part time only
  • Eric Chadwick
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