Antorus the Burning Throne Raid - Dungeon Team, World of Warcraft

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Pixelatedkiwi interpolator

I had a blast being the content supervisor for Antorus the Burning Throne raid in patch 7.3 for World of Warcraft. This was a big team undertaking by many artists. I was responsible for making the architectural elements in the shots you see here which included modeling, texture painting, UV/Texture application and lighting.
I got to work with some other super talented dungeon team artists on the raid as a whole, I would expect to see some more from them in the near future!

Ryan Cooper

Jeff Chang


Shem Dawson

Cole Eastburn

There was also some amazing prop, environment and fx work by Ashleigh Warner, Jay Hwang, Luis Aguas, Kali Jacobs, Gustav Schmidt, Phillip Zhang. Also wanted to shout out to Will Harris with his awesome level design skills :D


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