Dropgun read out thanks its players - which skins for AK 47 have the greatest popularity)

Managers presents the investigation results "TOP 5 AK 47 items" that was provided among users of the web-store!.. Our users had to answer some questions near what AK47 skins are the best in their opinion. Totally our managers have questioned about 20 000 players. The thing our managers have read out was unexpected for us! 

Vulcan - AK

AK gained 4th position according to users votes:) Our team noted this AK is so popular because of its beauty:) This AK is craft decorated item in the style of some deep mountain ...

AK 47 - Wasteland Rebel

Wasteland Rebel gained the 1st place in our survey. 

This item has its own charismas)

AK 47 - Redline

AK-47 Redline gained the 2nd position!.. Regardless its low price many users want to spin it from our cases! This item is very juicy and stylish!

AK-Fire Serpent

We were unexpected that AK Fire Serpent have not take the 1st but Third place. Our team think that its demand is the offer of days that went away:) Our managers noted that this Serpent is a Fire one due to the rifle!.. Anyway, this is one of mostly popular models at all. 

Jet Set - AK 47

AK 47 Jet Set got the Fifth place:) This AK47 is in great demand as respondents were answering) Dropgun predicts greatest favour of Jet Set in the nearest future. The Jet Set has the decoration of great journeys!..
We thank U for voting... All these models U can easy spin from our cases.

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