[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Toy box/Kung fu grip Illaoi

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Ok so I came up with 40 ideas (I'll paste the original 40 ideas under this post) and after thinking about it for a day or so and getting some feedback I decided that I'd lean on my strengths for this one and go with the Toy Box concept. Essentially inspired by the Toy Story world in the new Kingdom Hearts.


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    crashadams polycounter lvl 7
    The first 40 ideas I wrote down while brainstorming Illaoi skins:

    1. Cat costume (yarn ball idol)

    2. Martian

    3. Corrupted (Deep one Illaoi)

    4. Crusader (light beam "tentacles", angel wings)

    5. Robot

    6. Arcade

    7. Sky Captain/Steampunk Illaoi (Buff Angelina Jolie, leather+ gears on tentacles)

    8. Farmer (Carries a chubby pig on her shoulder, corn stalk tentacles)

    9. Pumpkin queen (headless horsewoman, carries own pumpkin head)

    10. Slasher (horror Illaoi, carries bag of body parts)

    11. Dryad Illaoi (flower bud idol)

    12. Greek Goddess Illaoi (carries head of a statue)

    13. Steam boat Illaoi (1930's animation style)

    14. Super villain (spandex, big gloves & boots, cape, carries death ray)

    15. Undead

    16. Mob boss (pin stripe suit, carries bag of money)

    17. Homerun Illaoi (big baseball, inflateable arm flailing tubeman w/ fan merch clothing for tentacles)

    18. Dark Depths Illaoi (demon horns, flame burst tentacles)

    19. Ghost hunter (circular containment tank idol)

    20. Firefighter (fire hydrant idol, out of control fire hose tentacles)

    21. Puppet show Illaoi (wooden doll, stage effects etc)

    22. Pirate captain

    23. Hawaiian/Luau Illaoi (Tiki idol, volcano/lava tentacles)

    24. WWII flight crew Illaoi

    25. Winter Spirit

    26. Librarian/Keeper of knowledge

    27. Toy box/Kung fu grip Illaoi (carries giant yoyo, stuffed animal tentacles, action figure articulation)

    28. Super Hero (opposite of super villain concept, brighter colors, carries heroic idol)

    29. Ocean floor explorer

    30. Pool party (beach ball idol, pool noodle tentacles)

    31. Old west/Sheriff Illaoi

    32. Chef/baker Illaoi (cupcake idol) "Lulu already has this skin?"

    33. Radioactive (protective gear, oozing idol)

    34. Beekeeper Illaoi (sticky honey tentacles, bee hive idol)

    35. ESports Illaoi (PC idol w/ power button on top, tangled cord tentacles)

    36. Aspect of starlight (asteroid idol, sun flare tentacles)

    37. Ghost of Christmas past/Jacob Marley Illaoi (Treasure chest idol, chain tentacles)

    38. Illaoi of the sky people (feathers, bird like idol, tornado tentacles)

    39. Fast food worker (burger idol, french fries stacked into pillars for tentacles)

    40. BugFolk Illaoi (pillbug idol, centipede tentacles)

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