[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Plague Hunter Miss Fortune - Jmiles

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Heya-- I'm Miles and I've been a Polycount member for a number of years and lurk often in these contests.  I'm a Character Artist at Hi-Rez Studios.  I've never been great at playing League, but I really appreciate the art style and Champions.  I've decided to jump into the fray with a concept of Miss Fortune as a Plague Hunter/Doctor/Gun Slinger type sent in a Steam Punk/ Victorian time period.  Here is a ref board for my direction-- Bloodborne being a major influence.  I will do my best to make some original choices for the costuming to come up with something unique.  Lotta great pieces/ideas in the works, from what I've seen so far-- Good luck to everyone!


Figure Update

Mood Board

Themed Skin Pack


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