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Managers has read out thanks to its players what 5 items for AK-47 are the most loved by fans... Our players only needed to name 5 TOP AK 47 models in their view. About 20 000 users answered the questions in the feedback form! The results of rating unexpected!

Redline - AK 47

AK 47 Redline gained the 2nd position... Despite of low price it looks very high cost and many people want to have it in their inventory... This item is very juicy and stylish.

Vulcan - AK47

The Fourth place took AK47 Vulcan with a small gap from 5th place:) This AK is craft decorated skin in the style of some deep mountain ! This skin is not very expensive but has a huge demand...

Wasteland Rebel AK47

That item took the First position among items for AK-47... 

The next item has its inimitable style)

AK47-Jet Set

AK47 Jet Set got the Fifth place. The top need of this AK47 is talking about its popularity! Jet Set is the AK 47 that saw many places) Our managers think this item can gain greater popularity in future:)

AK Fire Serpent

The Third place of AK 47 Fire Serpent was surprise for reserch resaults! Our managers are sure the time of its popularity went away:) This Serpent breathes with a fire!.. This Serpent is really one of mostly famous items at all:)

Our managers appreciate your partaking. Each of those models gamers can drop easy from boxes on our web-store!..

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