Sketchbook: Bri'Ana Deal

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Hi everyone! Thought it was a good time for me to start a thread here. I started learning modelling in Summer 2016, and am in my last semester in a local 2-year game art and design program. I love 3D art and game design, and feel that I've finally found  what I want to do. My current personal artistic goals that I will be working on in the upcoming months are: 

1) To gain a working knowledge in practical artistic anatomy
2) Improving my environment art skills with hard surface and organic environment modeling projects.
3) In all my projects, I will be focused on tightening up my workflow and working towards mastering skills like baking and retopo.  

I made an oath with myself last weekend that whenever I had free time from school, work, or homework, I would do a quick "daily sculpt". Here is what I did yesterday. The purpose of this sculpt was to spend some time practicing stylized facial anatomy and is based on this concept by Cedric Peyravernay. The hair and clothing are rough blockouts and I spent the most time on the face area. I know areas could be pushed more, like the forms in the forehead for example, but I had a hard time understanding where more exaggerated creases could be placed while looking like they belong. With more practice, I hope to get better with that. If anyone has any crits about the anatomy here, please share, I am ready to study


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