[WIP] Samurai matchlock gun

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Hello Polycount!
So, long story short - I wanted to learn ZBrush for a long time as my support tool for hard surface modeling (for making details etc). I have found pictures of really beautifully crafted Japanese matchlock (Tanageshima) and I thought it will be a great exercise to create it with help of ZBrush.
For start, I gathered as much reference as I could and assumed to not create it as clean as it is on them, wanted by the way to learn how to create more used, less factory-crafted details/meshes/materials. 

So after few weeks of learning, sculpting, creating and deleting stuff, I get to the point where I can start making lowpoly of it.

And here I want to ask more experienced players in this topic about some critique, what can be done better, what is bad?
The target is to create low poly- game ready mesh, though that I will create more material-specific details later in Painter.


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