Harry Potter Project - Slytherin chair (wip)

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Hi everyone! Here's one of the new assets I've been working on. It's a wip. It's part of a personal project of mine on Harry Potter. Having a blast making it. Critiques are welcome!


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    That is a cool chair and it is coming along nicely! Personally i feel you could pronounce the snakes a bit more, as the Slytherin aspect of the chair is not really noticeable. 
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    JLHGameArt greentooth
    Looking good.

    As this is something you'd expect to be given as an art test for an in game asset, let me point out a few things.

    You would probably be given 4 days to complete a prop like this as a test. That includes, high poly, low poly, material/textures and presentation. Not sure how long you've spent on this so far, but I'd time it accordingly.

    You have gone overboard with the surface noise on the leather. That is noise that you won't see in the bake down in a 2k texture (which is what this would be). Rather to get that surface detail you would create a detail normal map that is masked to where you want it and tiled to the right scale. The surface noise is also bleeding onto the wood, and that wood would be smooth. ZBrush is for large details like big creases and scratches/dents. Small details are handled in the texture and material setup.

     From a design perspective this is not what I would call a Slytherin chair for games. You have a great silhouette, good for games, nice big features  Apart from the snake heads, which are too small to be noticeable in a game. Personally I would have made all of the detailing on the wood having snake elements. Like a snake coiling up the chair legs and a large head resting at the top of the chair somewhere. The small heads you've placed don't do much for the design, so I would consider changing them for something more distinct. Right now what you have is a nice ornate chair, with some snake heads placed in a couple places with nothing drawing your attention to them, so they get lost.

    Remember, game assets are all about readability and silhouette (which you have). So if you want this to stand out as a 'Slytherin' chair, I would adjust the design to make it more obvious (and that doesn't mean just making those snake heads bigger ;) )

    Make sure you put in brass tacks where the leather meets the wood.

    I'll be interested to see your low poly and final wire frame for this. Keep it up, and best of luck.
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    Hi Guys! Thankyou very much for awesome feedback and compliments. It means a lot. Much appreciated. 
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    Update on Slytherin Project: 
    Extra Renders and Detail on my Art Station
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