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I'm working on a private project , and I needed to do a tool,
in that one tool there was that feature... BClone is a framework for that tool.
Also I just finished BWeld Update, stay tuned for that one...

If reading is shit : DOWNLOAD


README extract(
Just put bclone.py in your Maya Plugin Path
Example : C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya_Version\bin\plug-ins\

Use - Just past in runtimeCommand, Hotkey, Shelf, this command
(in MEL):


Select your Object and use it, select the cloned Surface
modify the attributes from the ChannelBox/Attribute Editor
the Purpose :
BClone is a modeling tool, I made it to not rely on
MASH nor the poor Maya instances,
they are both not made for modeling in their respective
semantic, so bclone has to “exist”.
BClone allows you to clone your object,
and still be able to update the clones when you
modify the source mesh shape in realtime,
the clones are themselves contain in a single
mesh that is linked to a single material,
unlike Maya’s instances.

Things to know :

The Purpose of this plugin is cloning,
the clones vertices are not merged when they match,
The user must takes the responsibility to verify that the mesh has no non-manifolds
or detached components until I come up with an update/fix.
Faces are detached, so when you’re done with cloning ,
and only and only when you’re done use Maya’s polyMergeVert,
else components will be detached.

I plan on adding features regarding these aspects.

Bclone is a 1-dimensional clone array generation tool, that means it only clone in one direction
, you can overcome that by chaining operations , cloning in each dimension(x,y,z).
 choose the new clonedSurface (generated by the first iteration)
 and apply bclone to it, doing this you maintained the connection of the first iteration,
 so the source Mesh still updates the whole chain.
 You can of course do as much iterations as you want.



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