[WIP] "Laser Ball Rifle"

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I was originally going to make an Artillery Luger but it was brought to my attention that I should make a weapon based off of a concept. More specifically sci-fi since the companies I'm aiming for are more sci-fi based in art style. I've been avoiding concept weapons as I get intimidated by the unseen details and such, knowing I'll have to come up with something to fill in the gaps. That is more of a reason to tackle a piece based off concept art now, rather than later when I get a job. 
After going through several great pieces I found this one that I feel would be a good starting point. 

Based off the concept by Xioanan Guo

However many parts are based off of other's concept pieces, which I wasn't aware of until a few weeks after finishing the high poly.

The main two being from the Typhoon for Crysis 3 by Viktor Jonsson

and a few of Tipa_grapic's pieces

I went ahead and made the basic blockout today. Really having fun with this piece since I'm not so restrained by specific dimensions, other than the picatinny and grip. I'll take the measurements of a AR pistol grip and fit this one off of that, and adjust the overall size of the weapon accordingly. Really the only major addition I've done to this piece was turn one of the blocks near the top into iron sights, with the carrying handle being hallowed out for the user to see through. Similar to a G36K carrying handle.


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