"Old Habits Die Hard" Weapon #1

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Fansub polycounter
Heya and happy holidays ! :D

Fansub here, some of you might know me as the guy behind Quick Pipe or ADN Modeler Tools :)

After a long and tedious (but awesome) year full of moar scripting and less art-ing (welp, consider both to be art-ing, but ya got the point) I've decided to kick off 2017 by creating more and more 3D stuff.I should've started this whole thing when 2017 kicks in but decided to adopt this mindset earlier this month. Enough Blabla !

 "Old Habits Die Hard" is a series of unique concepts I'll be working on from this day (two weeks ago actually...) 'till whenever.The goal is to create different artworks during next year, with each one setting the bar higher than the previous one. This also means feedback me as much as you can, be as harsh as you can and as naughty as you already are ! :p

It can be a prop, weapon, vehicle or scene.Whatever.
The first attempt at this series is a bloody shotgun that is used to kill vampires and all sort of monstas.The overall shapes are getting there, but there's still a lot of work to do.I'll be doing everything, from the blockout to the final textured presentation, and this applies to all future concepts of OHDH (old habits die hard).

Almost done with the high poly, will soon be moving to the retopo, then Uvs, then texturing and finally presentation :)
The materials on this one are still super lazy keyshot tweaks, will be getting more serious once in PS.

Thanks for your attention and happy new year ! ! !


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