Hard Surface Challenge - Reboot!

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Hey Guys,

This is a reboot of the weekly hard surface challenge

Since it was such a awesome thread im going to start making new challenges for people to try! I cannot promise weekly updates but Ill try updating the challenge consistently. Ill gradually increase the difficulty of the challenges but will also try to not make them enormousley time consuming. Hope thats a fair deal!

Im gonna rip off @commador ; layout for now. Ill perhaps update the headings in future!

The big idea here is we, as a community, get together and share techniques and approaches on how to best achieve challenging geometry!

All applications and 3d packages are welcome to join in.

Each week I will post a section or peice of geometry to be modeled as proficiently and expertly as possible.

1. Post at least 1 Shaded image for people to accurately judge the model. A dark diffuse, but Highly specular material tends to work best for this purpose. It's encouraged you provide one of these as well as a render, or beauty shot.

2. UPDATED: Attach a picture with the smoothed and unsmoothed wireframe shots. To avoid having it displayed at full size attach the images, then delete them from the draft. The images (wireframe shots) will not be shown in the post unlike your other renders but can still be viewed by clicking on the attachments below the post!

3.(Optional) Post a nice render or beauty shot of the geometry(with no wires)! There is nothing to say these small (but challenging) pieces of geometry couldn't go into your portfolio under a "sketch" category! Take pride in your work, Render it out nice, and show it off!

4.(super optional) Bake it, Texture it! This thread doesn't have to be restricted to just the modeling. We can explore how the high poly modeling process pre-determines material definition and how it affects your asset in the long run!

Without further ado, lets go!

Challenge #1 - 25.03.16: Helicopter Rocket Pod!

Challenge #2 - 28.03.16: Wacom Pen Holder

Challenge #3 4.04.16: Weapon Attachment by @Pedro Amorim

Challenge #4 11.04.16: Aimpoint magnifier.

Challenge #5 19.04.16: Muzzle Break by @cookedpeanut

Challenge #6 26.04.16 Grip


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