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Company of Heroes 2: War Paint contest

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Comrades, we have been tasked with assisting our valiant soldiers to camouflage their vehicles! Now is the time to get a FREE copy of Company of Heroes 2 and use it to create some amazing vehicle skins for the highest rated World War II RTS Franchise of all time. This is a 3D texturing contest for the Steam Workshop of Company of Heroes 2; creating skins for the iconic vehicles of World War 2. It will run from January 2nd to January 31st, 2016. Winners will have their skins added to the game and be credited for their work. Skins will be eligible for use by players in auto match (online ranked play). Additionally, if the winning item is sold in the in-game store, you will receive a share of the revenue made from sales of the items. 

Company of Heroes 2 uses Relic Entertainment’s Essence Engine 3. Its modding toolset and source art files are accessible via the STEAM client.

Submitted skins must fit one of the 4 categories below to be eligible for selection.

“Mechanical animals”
Give them metal teeth, metallic horns, silver scales, or copper claws. Make them look like robotic monsters.

“Alive, living and breathing”
Think H.R. Giger, The Blob or Clive Barker. Machines made not so much of metal but flesh. Organic-looking and potentially disgusting. 

“They don’t make them like they used to”
What if tanks and other war machines were made out of precious materials and benefitted from some incredible craftsmanship – such as rare wood, golden leaves, adornments, bas-relief and other details that would not look out of place on an Egyptian chariot.

“The real stuff”
Inspired by historical events of WWII.

Full terms and conditions for the Competition are available here. The factions available to reskin in this competition include the following: 

Entry Requirements: Participants must create a set of completely original patterns for one selected faction. A full set includes 1 texture for each vehicle in a faction, with winter skin variants. Factions contain as few as 11 and as many as 18 vehicles. Participants can create multiple sets for different factions, provided that each submission contains a full set for one selected faction and meets the technical requirements.

You must register on Steam and Polycount  to enter this contest.

You must create and maintain a Work-In-Progress (WIP) thread at Polycount for your entry in The Company of Heroes 2: War Paint competition page. Then you must submit the final version of the item through the Steam Workshop (curated pathway). All submissions to the Steam Workshop for this contest must be final version of the skins. You must link to your Polycount thread in the Steam workshop description of your item(s), as in the following example . There are no restrictions on the number of entries you can submit for this competition. If you create multiple sets of items, you must have multiple threads for each set. You must also submit each skin set to the Steam Workshop separately. 

You will also need to own Company of Heroes 2 to upload and submit your entry to the Company of Heroes 2 Workshop. The game is available for purchase here. If you do not own a copy of Company of Heroes 2 you can still participate in this competition. In order to do so, you will need to first create and have an active WIP thread as described above. Then you will need to request a Steam key by sending an email with a link to your thread to: polycountwarpaint@relic.com and your Steam ID. If you do not show work in progress, or submit items by January 22nd 2016, the Steam key will be deactivated. Anybody who submits a valid entry will get to retain their copy of the game even if their skin is not selected as a winning entry ☺. 

For this competition, winning items will be sold in the in-game store with 30% of profits paid directly to the creators of those items. The remaining revenue will be split as follows: (a) 30% will be paid to Valve (Steam fixed revenue share), (b) 20% of the revenue share will go towards the funding of either the Company of Heroes 2 ESL Tournament Prize pool, a Relic organized tournament or a community organized tournament of Relic's choosing and (c) the remaining 20% will be paid to SEGA / Relic. If you want to be eligible for revenue share should you win, then you will need to provide Valve with your banking and tax information. You can start this process by submitting a form on the Company of Heroes 2 Steam workshop page. There is an FAQ to answer your additional questions on how to go about Completing this process.

Copyright: All submissions must be original and cannot contain elements from copyrighted works (including direct or indirect references to third party IP), or use of any images or material you do not own. The purpose of this competition is to make something entirely your own, completely new, and totally awesome! 

Prize Awarding: Once the competition has ended, a jury consisting of artists, game designers and developers selected by Relic will gather to choose the winning skins. There is no restriction on the maximum number of winning entries: the better the content, the more winners there will be! The selection of the winners is entirely at the discretion of the jury however they will be influenced by factors such as the popularity of the skins in the Steam Workshop; so don’t forget to promote your work in the Steam Workshop in order to get people to upvote it! The jury will also check that content meets the technical requirements.
Winners will be announced in February 2016. Relic intends to make the winning skins available to buy in the in-game store from March 2016.

You can learn how to go about creating skin mods on the Essence Engine Wiki.  After reviewing the getting started section, you’ll be interested in the Vehicle Skin section. Here’s the section on how to use the Mod Builder – the toolset you’ll need.

You can watch some “how-to” videos as well as meet some fellow modders in the forums. The COH2 modding community is very friendly so you should be able to get help if you get stuck. Last but not least, we have created a page dedicated to the competition that contains or links to everything you should know.

After you have published to the Steam Workshop, your mod will show up in the Curated section of the Company of Heroes 2 Workshop. 

Other players can view and vote on your mod. You can visit your mods workshop page and add screenshots, movies and any descriptions you’d like to promote your skin. Although this is optional, but gathering votes will help your chances of getting selected as this is a factor taken into account by the jury at Relic. The popularity of an item on the Steam Workshop will also be a factor the jury at Relic will be taking into account, as it is a clear indicator of how desirable the content is to the COH2 community.

Q. Can I partner with other content creators to work on a skin set – and in that case, how does the revenue sharing system work?
A. You may team up with as many others as you like for this contest. If you do team up with others, please pay special attention to the following submission guidelines.  Prizes and/or Revenue share will be administered to the person who submitted it to the workshop, and it will be their responsibility to divide this amongst contributors. The workshop provides a way to set the revenue split up, but this can only be done by the person who submits the item. Read more about it here (section 4).

Q. Will you be selling winning items individually or in a pack? If so, how will that impact revenue share?
A. The revenue share of 30% will change if your item is bundled with other items. (e.g. should your skin be bundled with 1 other skin to make a skin bundle, then you will receive a share of the revenue (in this case the likely share would be 15% revenue share of the whole bundle). Relic retains sole discretion to set the revenue share, how your item will be sold, and the price of the item sold. Relic maintains the right to change this at any time including offering any contributed items for free at any point in the future.

Q. It takes too long to have to play the game to test out my skins. Can I just spawn the vehicles I want to test?
A. There’s a very useful cheat mod you may want to use to spawn vehicles so you don’t need to play the game to test your work.

Q. How can I get rid of the team color decals and stripes so I can see my skin without them?
A. You can subscribe to a blank decal in the workshop that will remove these. You’ll need to equip this decal in your inventory like so.

Relic developers and artists will review the forum threads every day starting Monday January 4th 10am PST to answer as many questions from entrants as possible; but don’t forget to check the resources which will provide you with additional information.

FULL LEGAL DETAILS http://legal.relic.com/polycount-competition.html


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    There are some really nice custom skins already available so there should be no lack of participation now that the game's had issues with sharing any custom community skin and decal content for the last few months. People are forced to remove their free community made material just to start a multiplayer game. I can't help but wonder why that's not fixed yet. And if it ever is, how free custom content will impact the sales.

    There are ALSO things in the CoH2 community that people dont want to share or see but are forced to. Perhaps an option to disable community mod visibility would renew demand for official skins?
  • puppeteer
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    puppeteer polycounter lvl 4
    I've already started making a skin about a week ago. Can I start a WIP thread for it and submit it through here? I'll show the PSDs I've been working on.
  • CGRonnieK13
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    Is they a way to extract the Models to paint insted of just the texture PSD? i`m trying to do one for Russia bit id like the model to see how it would look while i paint 

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