The last of us fan environment [finished]

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Hello everyone!

here is my finished fan art environment of The Last Of Us!
I hope you guys like it!



  • adam
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    Hopefully this isn't old enough to be considered a necro post. I just saw it went without replies and wanted to chat a bit about the scene.

    Overall what you've built is built well enough that it could definitely ship in a game. I feel, though, that you picked a pretty generic scene from a pretty content-rich game like the Last of Us. Nothing in this image screams 'Last of Us'. It just looks like an abandoned factory somewhere. And despite time taking its toll on this place, there is no story of interest to be had in this environment.

    Where's the remnants of an outbreak? Where's the story of people protecting themselves from zombies in one of these buildings? Or maybe this was ground zero? Either way right now its a generic building with some overgrowth and standard warehouse exterior props.

    Those props themselves are built well, but the entire package is falling short right now of really depicting its story and origin (zombie outbreak, Last of Us).

    - 2 cents
  • ESFGames
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    Hey adam
    thanks for the reply!

    basicly for this project i was really trying if i could recreate something of my favorite game: the last of us. i wanted to see if i was able to make something that good, being a self taught artist etc.

    so this scene is litterly a part of the univercity environments of the last of us.
    so yea i did not really think about the story behind it ( normaly i do do that ) so that was an mistake but hehe you learn from every artwork you make right?

    my next environment will be more unique, more logic and probebly a lot harder to make ahha. i myself was thinking on a very detailed space/sci-fi thing but i still need to look at then and i need to get time to make it haha.

    anyway thanks again for the comment!
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