Cryengine 3 vertex blend question.

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Hello everyone.

i have a question about the cryengine 3 blend layer.
what i am trying to do is to use the blend layer to paint on ivy, and i want to have the other texture in the blend to be invinceble.

the question: i want to use vertex paint on a plane to have some ivy but everything around that ivy needs to be invinceble.

any idea anyone?


  • Johan26
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    Johan26 polycounter lvl 5
    Then put more polygons on your plane.
    Like a 9 poly plane for something sqare etc..
  • CarlK3D
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "the other texture in the blend to be invincible." Did you mean Invisible? If so then it sounds like you want a decal with an Alpha Mask that way you want move it around, rotate it without effecting or having it tile all over the model.

    However in the terms of Vertex blending your mesh needs to have a dew sub divisions in order to paint in the areas you want. Like Johan26 said 2 subdivisions would be enough for a plane.In real world scale I'd keep your subdivisions around 1 meter apart.
    Here is the Cry Doc on what it works: Here
    Here is a video on how to set it up: Maya - 3DS Max

    Once you have it in CryEngine you need to enable Blend Layer in the Shader Generation Params, input both your texture maps and a blend map (for best control use a greyscale map) then you can adjust the fall off, blend and other things in the Shader Params

    Hope this helps! Good luck
  • ESFGames
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    nvm everyone. i've fixed it by just using decals, i was thinking way too hard about this :)
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