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ESFGames polycounter lvl 4
Hello everyone.

i've been working on this small environment and i am now entering the polishing state.
so i would love if you guys can give me some tips.
its rendered in cryengine btw



  • RobeOmega
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    RobeOmega polycounter lvl 6
    I would try reducing some of the noise on your brick textures
  • glottis8
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    glottis8 polycounter lvl 9
    Hey... this has a lot of good assets.

    Things that stand out to me. If this place is all overrun and not being maintained then how come your skylights are all clean and bright? shouldn't dirt and grim muddle up the glass letting less light into the place?

    Some broken glass would be nice. So you might have less lights and some nice light beams to break up your composition.

    Your lighting needs a lot of work. Right now your whole piece feels more or less flat because of the uniform lighting. Try to make that statue more of a focal point, make it a little bigger, and have some rays of light hit it. Darken the rest and have some nice ambient lighting that hints some other colors to balance your room.

    You have lots of grass right in front of you and i wish i could see more of a path towards the statue, maybe a puddle of water that it twinkling or shinning from some light coming from above.

    Your tree on the right is being cut and just weights your shot heavily to one side. Maybe think of the camera position to allow the tree to bring a more interesting shape or silhouette.

    This is looking great tho. Keep up the work and i hope these notes help. I'll do a paintover if i have time later.
  • e-freak
    the lighting looks a tad flat. i'd try to see if you can put a harsher light casting in from one of the lights overhead. are you using envrionment probes already - they will help a ton once you have a more direct light to bounce and fill the room.
  • Fnitrox
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    Fnitrox polycounter lvl 6
    As Robeomega said I'd tone down the overall noise in the textures a bit.

    Also the repetition on the small coloumns and the railings on the sides of the structure is kind of an eyesore :p

    Personally I'd also add some kind of supporting structure for the celing currently it'd collapse and couldn't possibly be built like that. (well not with the materials and technology of the time it suggest belonging to).

    Actually I'd redo the celing alltogheter as it doesn't really suit the rest of the building. You're using a coffer celing which are usually flat or used on vaults and domes as it's a self supporting structure. See HERE for refs.
    Anyway it might just be personal preference as i'm quite an ass to keeping architecture styles consistent :D
  • stevston89
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    stevston89 polycounter lvl 6
    Try to get more contrast between the stone and the moss growing on top. I would make the stone a bluer color. Everything in the scene is a really warm green right now which makes it difficult to see whats going on. Some nice stuff in here though keep it up!
  • ESFGames
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    ESFGames polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks everyone for the advice but i forgot to tell that the lighting is this way because i'm trying to match my concept: Fw0yl0U.jpg
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