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  • bhall27
    Hi everyone,

    Trying to troubleshoot an issues so I thought I'd come here.

    Is there a way to export animation control curves (NOT ANIMATION CURVES) using FBX?

    I'm trying to get a model/animation/rig I did in Maya LT out into the full version of Maya as I'm not using LT anymore.

    Not sure if there are any specific settings to get that to work with the FBX exporter. I've tried doing a google search with no results.

    Thanks again,

  • joarwho
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    joarwho polycounter lvl 5
    I'm still disappointed that I (as a indie dev) can't use this software. Rigging with out plugins is really time consuming for indie developers. No plugin support is such a slap in the face since people can't use stuff like The Setup Machine, UE4 A.R.T, AnimSchool Picker and Red9 Studio Tools. I really wish Autodesk would realize that the third party plugin support is a essential for Maya.
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