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  • Wow thank you a lot guys for those kind comments !  @Optimus Don't worry, the final lowpoly will be rigged and posed and obviously he will handle those axes ! @dGreenberg Thanks man! Actually for the hairs I am still unsure about keeping those mes…
  • oreoorbitz said: excellent work man. Thank you !  
  • Hey guys, here is my current piece in progress ! You can find the thread here : http://polycount.com/discussion/184871/dwarf-slayer/p1?new=1 So many good work here as usual 
  • The highpoly is finally done! I started to retopo evertything :-)  I tried to make a render of it, not my best skill  Tell me what you think about it ! 
  • @lotet Let's say he wrapped the handle with leather and then pin a lot of runic metal pieces to give him more strenght during the fights ! and the pins avoid his sweaty hands to drop it Some progress: -I worked on the body, refining the feets an…
  • Thanks for all your encouragements guys !! Here is an update of the axes. The highpoly is done and all the other details will come during texturing  (colors are just flat in zbrush )
  • Hi guys, some progress after this almost 5 months, shame on me but my laptop is a nightmare to work on   I am kinda done with the blockout, even if I have a lot of pieces to modify and some to add. @lotet Thanks I'll definitly refine and work in a…
  • Some progress, I am almost done with the blockout of the anatomy and then I will be able to start details. I also worked on some armor piece
  • Hey guys, I am back on this guy after month break. After a fresh look on the anatomy I reworked it a little bit more. Still have to work on the hands and to figure out the shape of the forearm and the ankle. I also saw a wierd thing on the back part…
  • @lotet Thanks man ! I did a bread basemesh in max ( 3 pieces like a real one) and then it's all hand sculpted, mostily with the Standard and the Orb_Crack (from @Orb ) brush :-)  
  • It start to look really good ! Give him a nice sword/shield
  • @jose.fuentes thanks man, for now they're just placeholder since I didn't finished the face and didn't broke the symmetry yet some more progress after a few hours of work. I keep working on the anatomy ( Hands and feets still need a ton of work )…
  • Hey guys I am working on this dwarf during my free time :-) don't hesitate to gave me some feedback on the full thread here http://polycount.com/discussion/184871/dwarf-slayer#latest
  • Thanks guys !  @Jordan Best thanks for this very good point ! One of my friend helped me to fix the general proportions and the neck/traps area.  Here is some new progress after few hours of work.
  • Awesome art as always. Specialy like the cartoon pirate boat scene..  Also glad to be in ! 
  • Hey guys ! So much great work lately on this post  Last personal work done during my free time  inspired by one of the awesome concept of Max Yenin. You can find the super high res version here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lL6gG I hope yo…
  • Hey guys, it has been a while ! The previous worked helped me a lot since I am now working in the video game industry   ! I am back on my portfolio building now ! I will try to focus on a style as realistic as possible in terme of render, and media…
  • Really nice model and shapes  ! 
  • Wow this is really well done, can't wait to see the final textured model ! Just a detail, this area is really cool in term of design, and I don't know how soft is this part but if it's like a metal border she will really hurt herself is she leans fo…
  • For the motivation, it may sound stupid but you can find a lot of Motivational Speeches and videos on youtube. It personaly help me a lot when I want so stop but I force myself to continue working :-)
  • Hi,  I pre-ordered the Quixel Suite 1.0 , Since the beginning you tell that we will have access to megascan when it will be released. And now you ask to pay at least 19$/month for it ? 
  • Hey it looks good for a feedback, I would say that the Leather part seems a bit wierd. Like there is a lof of big folds and bumpy areas. For exemple this looks like the the handle you tried to do :-) on your handle we don t feel that much an real o…
  • You're the best buddy, keep it up
  • Hi guys I finished this guy for my portfolio. Thanks for your comments I tried to make my best. For the proportions of the body, I was looking for the same proportions as the concept. 
  • Hi guys! I finished this character for my portfolio :-) 
  • Hello guys ! Tons of amazing work here   I'm done with my warhammer's dwarf axe. you can find the marmoset viewer here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/QEox4
  • Hi guys,  Here is a props practice, based on a concept from Warhammer. Made with Maya and Zbrush. Hope you enjoy it
  • Still working on this guy. Any comment or suggestion would be welcome ! 
  • Work in progress :-) 
  • Hey guys, this is my last work, I hope you like it :-)
  • Hello everyone ! I've made this Dwarf hammer from warhammer. Maya - Zbrush - Quixel  I hope you like it !
  • I did this one between 2 moduls of anatomy courses. The shaders aren't good, the blood look bad, the anatomy of the face is not great but I will fix it later :-)
  • Hi everyone ! :-) I've done a low poly bust of a goblin, render in marmoset . You can find all details about it and marmoset viewer on the artstation link I hope you like it !
  • Thank you very much !
  • Hi guys ! My school year is over now. Let me show you my project. The game received the awards "most beautiful game" & "game of the year" from my school You can find the trailer here : https://vimeo.com/130627068 and the gameplay demo …
  • Hi guys :-) After the rigging of the froggy dude and all animations for the game, I've done the second character. He's supposed to be bigger and more powerful :-) The low-poly model is 2200 tris and 1024 diff/normal/spec (texture size will be redu…
  • That's really awesome ! Good luck :-)
  • Thank you very much for your comments guys :-) The final project will be like a board game ( Endless Legend for exemple ). The final game must run at 60 FPS on a PS3, with Fresh Engine ( those are a bit old ). And there will be about 10 character…
  • Thanks for your comment :-)
  • Beautiful and clean work, well done :-)
  • Hi guys, I've posed and render my Degenesis character. So, it's low poly with 11k tri, 2 * 1024 texture set ( Diffuse, normal and spec). Please give me some feedback !
  • Here is my final render of this one Low poly 11k tris, 2*1024 texture ... Concept from Degenesis ( http://marko-djurdjevic.deviantart.com/art/BIOKINETICS-481094874 ) Work with Zbrush, maya, marmoset TB2 What do you think of my work ? Please giv…
  • Hi guy's I think I'm done with the texturing. For the low poly, the mesh is 11k tris and 2*1024 textures ( one for the body, one for the accessoires ) It's not posed yet What do you think ? Please give me tips and advices to improve my ski…
  • Baking done, the low poly mesh is aroung 11k tri :-)
  • That's awesome ! ;-)
  • What's the best tool for Baking ? I'm currently using Xnormal/Topogun and the results are differents
  • Hi, this is a little render of my character. Next step: Retopo and texturing Please give me some feedback !
  • Hey Jmiles ! Amazing work ! I've a question : How much time did you spend on the armor basemesh in 3dsmax? And all the details on the basemesh ( like spikes, cercles on the shouler, .. ) , after import that in Zbrush, did you keep all as separate …