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  • Thanks for all the feedback! JustGarry, TheMeekon I'll definitely fix the grafitti. And Yes the tiles looks a bit too clean:) @Endfinity Jon, Great feedback, thanks a lot, you have a lot of great thoughts. especially about removing the first lig…
  • New updates Finally had time to work on this again after some time. And I did a lot of changes: added more variation in the foliage, changed some textures and redid some normal maps. This is how it looks right now. After a lot of feedback f…
  • Yes I agree completely and I will add more foliage back into the scene after I fixed the textures:)
  • Hey, just a update on how it looks right now. I tweaked the environment to break up alot of the symmetry in the scene and also added some variation in the foliage (more will be added) Right now I'm redoing a lot of the textures including the bridge …
  • Thanks for all the feedback, You guys are totally right I went a bit overkill with the foliage and I will also try to break up the symmetry in the scene. And #Mr Significant That was a great idea with the leaves on the lake:)
  • Great Work:), it's well on its way. I agree with the above criticism, You should make it look not so "dDo"-ish and remove the random white blobs, and i think some more grime in areas like the nozzle could bump up the end result. I dont know if it's …


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