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  • Thanks @wcoastsands. This is 5.5 because it's what I already had installed for other projects that haven't yet swapped to 5.6 or 2017 I'm spending some time working on this optimisation stuff currently and it's a challenge!
  • gauravcm said: The ability to import reference images was a big step forward for Oculus Medium.  Hope this is on your roadmap, @Y_M ?  It wasn't on your Next Steps list. It is! It'll come sometime after I do saving and loading since they…
  • Thanks for all the positive comments so far Polycounters! ^_^ The great news for today is that edgeloops and capping borders are in! I got a bit busy with ~real~life~ so it took a few days more than I was hoping but to have it done is a great relie…
  • @musashidan I haven't thought about Stingray because I didn't know it existed! Poly colours are random for now. When I add the colour palette, they'll default to the colour of the model, but individual faces will be colourable. @Autarkis Yep, sure …
  • Thanks! I'm not sure on the two-handed manipulation front yet. Currently the left hand can grab the whole mesh, and the right is free to do any and all actions on it. I don't actually do it in any of the gifs I've made so far, but I regularly do it…
  • Thanks for that! It's really useful to know how you build up such an impressive graph  
  • Downloaded and took a look at the Egyptian one and I'm wondering how you keep something like that in your head. It's phenomenally complex. I poured over it for a fair while before I even really began to understand what was going on. I'd love to kno…
  • @josh_lynch I'm using two tile generators. If I'm honest I'm not sure what advantage tile sampler has over the generator. I agree that the horizontals make it look like they're placed deliberately, that was the desired effect, but they are toooo str…
  • Did some more experimenting with the distance node and here's what I've got now as my base brick pattern. Really happy with how ordered yet chaotic this is https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2126504/Chaotic_Brick.sbs
  • Oh the distance node! ohhhh that's exactly what I was looking for this whole time. Thank you! I spent 6 hours on it and ended up with this:
  • Hi guys, could anyone give me a few pointers on achieving this kind of stone wall pattern: My attempts from a regular pattern end up too regular, and starting from a cells pattern end up too random. I can't find the right middle ground
  • As someone who finds UDK completely and utterly alien (Comes from many years of source), are the 3d motive videos a good place to start?
  • Awesome, I didn't see a proper changelog on their site anywhere, is there one?
  • Ahh, this is getting scary similar to what I had planned. Great to see I'm not the only tentacle fan
  • That blockout reaaly reminds me of the Wahrk room in Riven: Good stuff
  • I'm not sure I've posted since last year's Eurogamer meetup thread, but I shall not miss this.
  • PIraT wrote: » Textures are nothing special (technically). I invested more in materials, than in the textures (otherwise to Dishonored). The textures are great, tell us about the materials too!:poly142:
  • Taking my seat and subscribing to this right away.
  • When I made mine (images, here, and here) I did the gate in nine identical sections reducing the texture space quite a bit I ended up giving it a 2048x2048 sheet but a 1024 wouldn't have looked terrible. Then I did the ring of glyphs entirely sep…
  • All the changes are positive, even if they're subtle. In terms of composition, the eye is lead off to the far right and dumped in the background. There's nothing bringing it back to the front door.
  • Very excited to see where this goes. /sub
  • Loving this. The front end of the whale looks fantastic, the tail makes me think it's a shark though since it has a vertical tail. Fish and sharks swim moving their spines side to side with vertical tails and whales swim by moving their spines up an…
  • Stuey wrote: » and here is my current progress on the model You've got the base of the foot rest connected to the spring, it needs to be separate otherwise it would stop it springing: You're also missing out on an awesome opportunit…
  • To anyone coming out of the expo, I'm sitting opposite the main doors in front of the middle saints row billboard in a bright blue tee-shirt with a heart on it. Come say hi
  • Guessing we're all meeting outside and then walking to this pub? I'm also not at the expo today but still wish to join you after
  • I believe my avatar is relevant to this thread. Subbing for awesomeness.
    in PIXEL ART Reply by Y_M May 2013
  • That's awesome LampRabbit! I spend over half an hour failing to find my body but the art and atmosphere and concept are all fantastic
  • Why does knald destroy my normal map when I import it? Left is what I import, right is what it looks like after importing.
  • Got the DHD mostly done now too. The texture isn't quite how I want it but is getting there.
  • Been adding some alien vines to this thing. Got the main vines down and the texture is pretty close to what I want now so smaller wigglier vines next
  • Thanks for the encouraging comments guys EvanL wrote: » Love the style for crying out loud! This sentence scares me slightly; are you adding emphasis to loving the style or the stone scale comments? As for the grass lighting, it was on…
  • I'm just sneaking in here to subscribe. This is fantastic work!
  • Lovely stuff going on here Omnicypher, I particularly like the gradient map maps, I've experimented with doing exactly that in the past but you seem to have it down far better than I ever managed. Subscribed
  • Cross posting my Stargate scene wips: Thread
  • I swapped back to the older grass and played a little bit with grass cards, I think I'm getting towards something I like. Also got around to some cliffs too: Something is bugging me about these grass cards though, I'm using the foliage t…
  • Mud and grass: Earlier on I was experimenting with grass more like this:
  • Right, it's visible in the previous shots just looks a bit muddy, here it is in a shot of its own where you can clearly see the grass and mud clearly:
  • Some great work going on in here. Here's some of mine from the last few days:
  • Got a lighting seam in my tiling meshes, I know this is a common issue but I've looked around and can't find anything that has helped so hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  • Dirt marks on her top look like really badly placed nipples >.<
  • rockguy wrote: » Feedback welcomed ! Hi guys Im going at a lower speed for the moment , but I wanted to share the pillar I was working on, the textures are hand painted because I really need to practice it, the mesh modeled in 3d max and the hi…
  • Throwing my name in. I did spend a while really struggling with reconciling the sizes inferred in the concept with reasonable ingame units. In the end: "Sod it, whatever looks good" I think I got it pretty close so I'm happy with that. This…
  • Frump wrote: » I made this Dishonored style whale for the art jam. Might be fun to take it further, but what kind of pose could you put a whale in? YES YES YES WHALES! Uh, excuse me.. Make a tiny shoal of fish and pose it in a swo…
  • This is awesome work Snefer as per usual. mbischof wrote: » Woah, this is heavy! There's that word again: "heavy." Why are things so heavy in Snefer's SciFi? Is there a problem with UDK's gravitational pull?
  • I'm digging the top one. the clean crisp shapes give it great clarity, stuff is getting a bit muddy in the bottom one.
  • I think Rik means the dark pincer tail. That one happens to be the one I like most.
  • Possible tail designs:
  • Voting right here too.