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  • Looks really great man! Glad that you finally got it finished!
  • Work in progress Space Capsule/Lander, inspired by Boeing/Spacex designs. Modelled in 3ds Max, baked and textured in Substance Painter with some material work in Substance Designer. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Nzrqz Marmoset Viewer link: ht…
  • It's been a while since I've posted on here! Been working on this scene recently. Lots of fun learning more about Unreal blueprints. I might just spend a while learning them a bit more before I do anything else. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B…
  • Congrats on the release guys. Cool stuff! Glad to see me 'hot BEAR balloon' still hanging about haha.
  • This is brilliant, and a really interesting thread to read through. Congrats on your success, I hope it goes on to sell a lot of copies.
  • Gun model funtimes over the past couple of weeks whenever I've got a chance.. This has been really good fun. Substance Painter 2 is a really powerful piece of software! More screens below on Artstation, as well as a Marmoset Viewer file. https://…
  • Really clean bakes and awesome renders too. Nice work!
  • Well, yes, of course that's part of it. But there are multiple SSR options within Unreal 4 and I was wondering if Thiago is using the default settings or whether he is trying some of the other modes.
  • That's got a real nice feel to it dude, nice work! What SSR settings are you using? Looks really accurate!
  • Just came across this; this looks fantastic. One of the best and more unique scenes I've seen in Unreal 4 so far. Great work!
  • Nice work! Lovely atmosphere you got going on here.
  • Finished up the basic texture for this Snow vehicle for my Xcom scene! Meant to be seen from a top down, Xcom camera perspective.
  • Woooo congrats dude!
  • Thanks for posting my vending machine! Great job everybody.
  • I hate those things.. They look silly and make your ears look like putty when you take them out! Just think; when you're about 70 with lobes hanging round your ankles you'll regret it!
    in Poly-Plugs Reply by PogoP Feb 2011
  • I have a story about 5D: My housemate does a media production degree and has recently bought the Canon EOS 5D which is an awesome video camera. We were on a film shoot of his and the actor, completely in the dark about technology, asked us: "So ho…
  • Umm it costs $15. Shame, because this would be useful for my final year project.
  • 2:10, look at the topology change on the robot's face ;D
  • That sounds like a ridiculous idea to me. I'm fed up of people inventing all these silly apps for the iPhone; stuff like this should stay on the computer!
  • Got the high poly done for this and baked to the low poly this weekend. Gonna texture it up in SP and then move on to other pieces for this 'The Thing' inspired Xcom scene!
  • Found an old model from a couple of years ago I never finished, decided to finish it up as a little fun exercise whilst I'm between scenes. Still got a lot left to model but it's getting there. Might make this a part of a new scene I had in mind a f…
  • Thank you guys! You can now download the scene here: https://mega.nz/#!hRYyWb7L!pucRIcec9CJBBzBo5Ra1k2DOC4_sL2Q4SWAC9cM0q04 @James - Yeah I made the wooden floor texture flat and then cut out some boards and raised them slightly.
  • Nice work! This feels really great. I'd like to see the odd bit of colour in there just to break it up a bit, but otherwise it looks really nice
  • Awesome Vic, that's looking great! Finished up this scene, finally! Gonna hook it up to Oculus Rift and then release it sometime soon! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/city-17-stairwell-and-attic-scene-ue4 http://www.polycount.com/forum/s…
  • Hey guys! Haven't posted here in a while as I have been very busy working on this scene when I get chance. Been moving house and other stuff, but that's all out the way now so I have a bit of time to finish this up. I've mainly been working on…
  • Amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing this process, really great to see it come together.
  • Another quick update, adding in more moss and breaking the tiles up a bit more. I want to make a really mossy version and a cleaner one so I can blend between the two. I can easily tweak the amount of moss with a slider in Substance Designer. This w…
  • Hey guys, thank you so much for the amazing feedback. Really glad you guys are liking it as much as I'm enjoying working on it. @Ged - Yeah those materials are looking a bit flat! That was one of the first materials and I want to go back to it, i…
  • Made this roof tile material tonight in Substance. Modelled in Max but textured from scratch in Designer. This was a fun material to make and I got a couple of generic materials out of it; terracotta ceramic, and a mossy material. For my City…
  • Hi all, thanks for the kind words! Really means a lot, I'm going to incorporate everyone's feedback from Facebook and here. Unfortunately it seems that my Dropbox account generated too much traffic and it has been temporarily blocked! I've change…
  • Doing a bit more work on my HL2 apartment scene! Fun stuff. Textured everything so far just in Substance Designer. Moving on to using Painter for stuff after an incredible demonstration by NicholasW at work today! I've made a thread here: http…
  • Lookin' cool man! I think it needs more detail in the ceiling. Lots of pipes, cabling etc! Might be nice to show more of the installation in the exterior too, so you can see how embedded the installation is in the landscape. Perhaps a couple of l…
  • So excited to be working on this! Can't wait to show you guys more!
    in Halo Wars 2 Reply by PogoP Aug 2015
  • Off to a great start dude! Really like the lighting
  • I never played the latest CoD, Advanced Warfighter or whatever it's called. This looks very similar! Interesting how all the CoDs seem to go through time periods together.. What makes this one different to AW, out of interest?
  • This game is reminding me so much of Starbound. Everyone knows how hyped that game was before release, and all the talk of procedural content turned out to make a very shallow, boring experience. I hope the same isn't true for this.
  • Bit more modelling for my HL2 scene over the weekend. Took longer than expected but this was fun Modelled in 3ds max, textured entirely in Substance Designer. Marmoset viewer scene on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/city-17…
  • As these guys have said, every company is different, but I love working in this industry. It's so creative and I love seeing a project come together. There's nothing more satisfying!
  • I remember seeing this in a Sims 3 trailer years ago.. The resemblance is uncanny. http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Liam_O'Dourke
  • Still chipping away at my Unreal 4 HL2 scene. Slowly getting there! Still got lots left to do though
  • This is cool and all but.. It's just copying other people's work. Personally I feel you'd learn a hell of a lot more if you came up with your own designs and tried to make something new that still fits in the Halo universe. You can't really put t…
  • cman2k wrote: » Suggestion: What if marking for export changed the objects wireframe color? Something innocuous that gave the user some feedback as to what was marked/unmarked? I've been having issues with the export directories. I want to use…
  • Looking kewl Karen! Nice Substances! And the grass is feeling really nice and lush too, good job! What's the story with the train here? Why's it stopped?
  • Great stuff Gregg! Gonna try this new version today
  • Working on a new UE4 scene. Very early days, still blocking a lot of stuff out, but doing a few material tests too. Entirely using Substance Designer for all my texturing, no Photoshop/Quixel at all! Guess the game
  • This looks incredible dude, nice work! Really love the art style.
  • Cool stuff Tor, nice to see something a bit different from you! Looking really nice so far, reminding me a lot of some of Paroxum's (http://www.mayvin.be/) castle scenes.
  • You're a star Haiddasalami Thanks bud!
  • Yep im still using it all the time man. Send me a PM if you need anything testing, or post a link up! One thing I have noticed is that in the fbx export window where you type the name of your asset, it shows all file types, not just fbx files. Is…


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