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  • So many awesome profiles! Here's mine:  https://www.artstation.com/kayta
  • thank you @zachvance ! had a lot of fun drawing something a bit differently from usual here, more line based which I haven't done in a while
  • #15 Mase Masatoki Definitely want to get into doing more vehicles, had fun playing around with the lighting a bit. First personal piece of 2018, hope everyone's new year is going well!
  • A painting of my parents from just before the end of 2017   Hope everyone's having a great new year!
  • Painted my parents as a gift. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!
  • Unfortunately I didn't get round to finishing off the Artstation challenge but here's what I've done for the third keyframe. I've been feeling slightly stuck with the underwater elements such as plants and fish, and incorporating a focal point into …
  • diving suit study for fun  
  • When you're creating concepts, make sure to get some good references up, maybe create a moodboard. For example here it looks like you're painting a forest. Other than finding photos of forests, you could also take a look at how other artists have su…
  • One thing I'd look at is that you've made a tangent between the top of the throne and the weapon in the foreground. It reduces the illusion of depth and it draws a lot of attention, especially because it's a high contrast area. James Gurney wrote a …
  • Started my second keyframe for the Artstation challenge, let me know what you think so far
  • Progress on the Artstation challenge Submission thread
  • th1355en said: @ kayta the artstation hyperlink didn't link to your profile ^ @th1355en Hi, should be working now! Thanks for pointing it out 
  • EVF said: some nice pieces you have! I enjoy your brush work. I especially like the rusty looking slum. Keep the good work coming Thank you! . . Here's an update on the Artstation challenge painting, still got some bits to work on but h…
  • Elithenia said: heyy! looking like things are coming along well! Nice to see you're finally on here! haha thanks for pushing me to post on here Sanna will keep up the work
  • Haybie said: Hey,  So I did a very quick paint over I really like the lighting and the perspective. I would push the scale of the creature. I would also make the ship going the away on the side didn't seem right unless it was barrelling left …
  • Maybe play around with the contrast, hue and saturation (above is just one example). Not sure if you want to keep to the reference image (which we can't see) or what mood you're going for but in terms of improving the image it's usually worth messin…