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  • Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback, it means so much to me!, I'm thinking of calling this done for now, I've learnt a huge amount doing this. Ive put more images on artstation:  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/r4md6 I slightl…
  • yeah! It seems the roughness its still not quite right! ill have another play around with it! Its probably been one of the most difficult things to get right especially as it changes with the lighting aswell, but thank you for the feedback! 
  • @oraeles77 Hi! is there anything specific you would want to see texture wise? i can happily show you examples of the texture maps, as well as in substance painter if that would be beneficial to you.    LIGHTING UPDATE I spent a few days working on …
  • Absolutely amazing to be included in this! such stunning work 
  • SECONDARY TEXTURE UPDATE  I'm currently around half way through my secondary texture pass. I had a lot of fun putting all the various 60's advertisements on the walls which really starts to add some life to my environment. The majority of the colour…
  • Thanks again for the feedback! I defiantly think i need a much stronger contrasting roughness map on the floor, that will really help add extra highlights! I've just finished my main master material so this should really help ensure i can do easy ad…
  • @LorasTyrell Thank you for the feedback! I think changing the angle of the handles is a really good idea, it will definitely make it feel more natural.   Ill also make sure to spend some more time on the roughness maps especially of the floor as i …
  • @Gazu I think im just going to really focus on the interior, however i might put some lights or a sign that can be visible from inside! @chrisevansart I see what you mean! ill have not attempted to texture them yet, so ill be careful to make sure t…
  • TEXTURING UPDATE So ive spent the last few days adding some basic textures and basic lighting to my scene.  Most of the textures were made using Quixel, and i going to do a further pass in substance painter, to build up dirt as well as further det…