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  • Hi guys, I did these rough sketches recently when was wondering about a team based game idea (just an imagination exercise). Then I choose three characters from a whole bunch that appeared in my mind. I’ll continue to sketch the roster of charac…
  • I’m still trying to create environments/scenarios. This one is my new try, I had to learn a lot of things to do it, like how to paint mountains, rocks, and other things. The forest was the worst, I spent a lot of hours until found the properly way t…
  • @Faivu I'm glad that you liked my environment. The problem is I have lots of ideas for characters but sadly is not the same for environment and scenarios. I'm trying to get inspired researching lots of examples, sketching and doodling, but I'm think…
  • @Loren Broach Thank very much Some sketches I did a few days ago when I was testing some pencil brushes for Photoshop.
  • Bashemir Monthaneri. Character concept. Process:
  • Random body parts studies
  • This one was my first attempt to create some kind of environment: Process:
  • Hello everyone! This is my most recent entry for the Challenge Design Challenge, a blood mage vampire called Lord Sange Blestemata. Cheers!
  • Hi everyone! This new attempt to create some kind of background concept. I hope you like it.
  • Hi guys! This is my most recent entry for the Character Design Challenge. This month theme is 'aviator', so I've decided to create a design merging some classic and futuristic features.
  • Hi guys! I really like Overwatch's art style more than anything in the game. So I've decided to create a skin concept for Widowmaker as a personal imagination exercise.
  • Hi everyone! This is my first entry here and I hope is not the last one. I've just finished this two characters recently. I've tried to accomplish something sci-fi/fantasy with high medieval influence on this first one. I've created a whole backgr…
  • Hi Polycount community! I've worked as Storyboard Artist for the five past years, but now I'm moving on. I've been learning concept art, searching new techniques to improve my art and trying to become a better artist. Any feedback is always welcome.…


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