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  • @Maximum-Dev: Thanks man! The size of the area is roughly 1km x 1km
  • @S-ed: Thanks for your feedback I actually agree to most of your points. I usually try to make this virtual version of the moon as authentic as possible but sometimes I take the freedom to bend reality a little bit to get a more interesting picture…
  • @Jaggar: Thanks, I'm glad you like it The textures have a density of roughly 1024px per meter. Most textures are 2k. Since I scale a lot of the rocks I do suffer from some more lower res areas. I don't have a shader set up yet that scales the deta…
  • @Shyralon: I made 4 large rocks, 6 medium sized rocks and 7 small ones. They are fully closed and have different visual features on each side so I can freely rotate them.
  • Thanks everybody! @codyaq2: I'll do a proper first person "moonwalk" soon. I hope it'll help to get a better sense of scale
  • First of all thanks for the comments @Deforges: I sculped the terrain by hand since it is not too complicated. Terrain textures were done in world machine and substance designer. the rocks were done in 3dsmax and zbrush. I baked down a unique norm…
  • Happy new year! Pretty impressive work so far I decided to create a moon base for my moon environment scene. I want to go for a super simple cylindrical shape for the exterior and a cramped, claustrophobic feel for the inside. Later, I might conn…
  • SimonT said: new: - decals - small lights - front part re-modelled great update!
  • wip moon scene created in CryEngine