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  • thanks for sharing dude, love seeing your stuff.
  • This is awesome! Since you did the trees by hand, how did you get the canopy cards to shade proper in Unreal? Whenever I try to bring in hand-made cards the light occludes in an odd fashion and it doesnt give a proper uniform look. I believe it has …
  • dude the nature scene is awesome! Did you hand make the trees or use speed tree? Seems like there's tessellation on most of the tiling textures. Were you able to optimize that aspect of it? I know Unreal's terrain functions have their own specific…
  • Dead Space Pod Bay Here's a dirty test render of a project I'm working on for school: This is based on a concept from Dead Space (1st game), a pod bay which appears before the captain's cabin in the bridge area. Rendered in Vray. Trying to get t…
  • Here's a zoo file of the pieces I used.
  • Eric Chadwick said: This looks neat! I think the blue/yellow pipes/wires are a bit too colorful, pulls the eyes away from everything else. Same with the blue straps on each bundle. Your images are very slow to load, which makes your post or …
  • Working on this UE4 project, need more ideas to populate the interior. (concept by Raphael Lubke) (oversize image disabled by moderator, original here: https://us.v-cdn.net/5021068/uploads/editor/3n/nsod4yd6kiiz.jpg)
  • This is awesome, and the general modeling/texturing/set dressing work looks really good. Only thoughts are on the lighting; I have to agree with the general comments. If you're going for a Gone Home, horror look, I think there's just too much fill …
  • I would say focus on balancing small/mid/big shapes.  Right now it feels like mostly a lot of Mid sized shapes defining the silhouette. Look at reference for industrial stuff and notice how a lot of thin (and various sized) wires populate these type…
  • Awesome! I always wondered how you guys handled texel density when the megastructures became particularly big. Are the normal maps really hi res to compensate? 
  • This is awesome, learning a lot!
  • I'm a huge fan of Morrowind and this was one of my favorite cities. Always wondered what Morrowind might look like in UE4. Good luck!
  • Working on this for a normal baking class. Trying to design a space airlock thing.


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