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  •  @Tomiajayi I understood you. Technically I don't have optimization on my scene, but I did not pay attention on what happens in viewers at the moment when camera moves and for now I can't check it. Sorry.
  • @s1dK , @Nuclear Angel  Thanks  @Tomiajayi For games need good optimization, so that they could run on low performance PCs. Also games have much much bigger locations. But I could use any polycount, textures and settings, because I don't need opti…
  • Thanks guys.  @defragger I tried it, but I didn't like how its looks. Bigger helmet looked strange for me. This is just my personal preference. 
  • Thank you all for feedback. I am really appreciate it.  @kohg All floor plains is separate pieces, I have 2 main plains in center and 4 small plains under the monument. Then I made planar UV mapping and adjust UV position. @Dragonar , @TyAnlauf  Nic…
  • Hello everyone. Here is my recent project.  WIP theme on Polycount More final screens on Artstation Any feedback are wellcome. (1.38 MB…
  • Hi polycount. FreneticPonies and  NateMasterFlash thanks for feedback. I think that I finished this project.  Thanks everyone for the feedback. Hope you like it. More images here:
  • Hello guys. Kohr and  TyAnlauf thanks for feedback.  Here is my latest update. Still need to fix the light and atmosphere, and make post effects. Because of black background can't be seen the hanging doodads I made orange one. Any feedback are welc…
  • Hi polycounters.  Simplejay  thanks. Here is my recent update. I made textures, materials and lightning. Still much to be done, but I am already at the final straight. Any feedback are welcome.
  • Hello everyone. I'm back. So let's continue. Here is my latest update. I build my scene in UE4 and use just normal map and some colors for now. For ropes I use tesseletion, for floor - parallax. Next step - texturing. Any advices and suggestions are…
  • Another small update. As I said I don't like floor textures, but also I don't like second floor itself, so I decided resculpt high poly. Here is new version of second (outer) floor.
  • Hey guys. I made few more spikes and combined them into the rock, just for test. And I think, that most of the highpoly parts are done. Next step is lowpoly and baking.
  • Update. Just few spikes
  • Hi polycounters. I am back. @Poinball , @Envie Thanks.  So here's what I have done for now. I start to build the scene and put there all I have done in lowpoly. There is no textures except floor, but I dont like floor textures too, so I will change…
  • Hey guys. Just small update. I made textures for the floors. 
  • m4dcow yup, I need more practice. So, here is final piece of the monument. Next I will fix some details that I don't like and will start to make low poly and textures and build the scene to see how it is look like.
  • I understood that I spend a lot of time on sculpt. Any tips for how to sculpt faster ?  Update. 
  • Update. 
  • Small update.
  • Here is small update. I sculpted floor and center border. I think, that I will sculpt monument and then will make textures for the floor, and will start make the scene in unreal.
  • Hello everyone. I was little busy, so let's continue. Here I updated some parts, ready for sculpt. I made 3 version of monument (red color). I personally like number 2.  In the middle you can see part of the tile floor, also I will make the outer …
  • Thanks .  For me the carved emblem was more interesting, so it was my preference. What about fur with alpha. Yes, I tried to make it at first like this, but I didn't get what I want. And then I found UE4 workflow, it was much faster and easy, so I…
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Sep 2016
  • Just finished my last project. More screens on artstation:
  • Thanks guys. Unfortunately I can't export fur from UE4 into marmoset (If I'm wrong, please correct). And I don't want show it in marmoset without fur. Sorry.
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Sep 2016
  • Hi polycount. So, I finished this project.  Thanks everyone for the feedback. More images here:
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Sep 2016
  • As for me, movie hammer looks more epic. I don't like metal head, it looks strange. As I know from warcraft history (that I read on wiki ), the head of this hammer made from solid massive stone, he was in a many battles, so I made it like you can s…
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Sep 2016
  • RaptorCWS said: but next to the throne in orgrimar would be cool Nice idea. But I'm not so fast yet to make throne just for present the hammer. For hammer I will make the stone pedestal, but throne can be as the next separate asset, where…
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Sep 2016
  • pmiller001 said: OH some moss, like in one of your references, would be KILLER on this thing. Is it too late for that?  Hmm, I do not think that moss may form on the warhammer. Except that it will lie without work for a long time. Wend…
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Sep 2016
  • Hi people. I am back. So, here is my recent update. I made fur by using neo fur for unreal engine 4. This method works perfect for me. I did not set up materials and lights yet. If you have any suggestions for how best to present it, you can write…
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Sep 2016
  • Hi guys. So, here is a version with textures. This is my first textures ever, so I will appreciate for any feedback/tips/suggestions etc. Also, I will make fur after texturing.
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Sep 2016
  • Hello everyone. So, here is low poly test. 7260 triangles in total. I baked normal map in substance painter 2 by using the mesh name method (cool feature). AO baked using Knald. Next step is texturing in Quixel, I decided to use 4k textures.  An…
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Aug 2016
  • Hello everyone. I decided to make some changes in scale, because hammer seemed not massive. Also I made more damages to the hammer's head (this hammer was in many battles) and remade handle tape. I will make fur, when I will make textures. Next …
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Aug 2016
  • Hi polycounters,  Here is ZBrush sculpt.  I will be glad for any suggestions or advices.
    in Doomhammer Reply by ViTaR Aug 2016
  • Thanks for the feedback. At first I made a hard edges, but I did not like it, so, I decided to make it so damaged. What about "make it more "icy", it is a good idea. I thought about this too. But I want make it, when it will be with textures. For n…
  • Yup. My fault. I fixed it. 
  • High poly model of Lich King helmet.  There is more here:
  • Hello everyone. So, I made some small fixes and rendered it in Keyshot. For now I finished with this project. Maybe later I will be back and do textures, but for now it`s done.  There is more here:
  • Thank you for your opinion. Initially I planned to do it such worn, ancient thing that a long time lying in the ice, was in the battles, etc. As an example, in this screen (here he is not so perfect as on your images). But maybe I did it too damaged…
  • Update. Finished detalization. 
  • So every time when i delete history shapenode is unlinking. Nice.   And i found one more thing or bug, etc. When I combine my mesh with crease (for example mesh contain 3 parts) and export to .ma, and then import to ZBrush, I am getting there only …
  • Hmm, I had already been in legacy default viewport. Now i switch to Viewport 2.0 and its gone, but when i deleted history in 2.0 and switch to default its come back. Maybe I will work in viewport 2.0. I switched it because i had lags in 2.0. My comp…
  • Nothing happened. I tried it first.  In addition to changing the color he smoothed, as like I push 3 on keyboard. On these images you can't see it, I can show similar without bevel.
  • No. Every object that I made. Maybe it's happening after some time or some command. I cant understand. I have already tried export it in obj and back, but it is the same that I will Ctrl+N Ctrl+O. It is not an option.
  • For now I made fast retopology in Maya.  
  • Hello everyone. I am back. So, for now i completed all shape, that i want in ZBrush (I definitely like ZBrush). Next, I will make retopology in Maya for smoothing all mesh and then will back to ZBrush for making scratches, cracks, etc. I will be gla…
  • Hello everyone.  I continue to make the helmet and learning ZBrush. As it turned out, ZBrush is not so difficult as I imagined. I made the base of the crown and pushed thorns inside the base. Also I began to detail the horns and faced with little di…
  • I present to you the slowest slowpoke - me. But better late than never. This is my second project in 3D (the first I have not finished yet), and I have not learned texturing yet, but we have what we have. Here I must to make the magazine, barrel, an…
  • Its my first of the first of the first project. Lich King Helmet.
  • Hello.  So, I added a few extra edges, a little detailed a mesh. Next, I will export it all in ZBrush and make the high poly (and also training to work in ZBrushe).  P.S. Now it seems to me that helmet would be easier to do in zbrashe, but... next t…
  • Hello everyone. So, I continue to make the helmet.The shape of the helmet was not so simple for the first time, as I had hoped. That's why i am so slooow. At this moment I made a rough shape of all the details. Next, I'll add more edges and give the…
  • I am using substance painter, but i would love to try quixel suite 2.0