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  • The cat is so adorable!!!! I think If you could dynamesh and merge those tail/fur blobs into the mesh, it'll transition really well. Aside from that, you really captured the concept art!
  • I like the lighting already! I like the yellow tone to it. I would maybe suggest toning the yellow a smidge but it depends on the mood you're trying to set. This reference image feels a little bluer and more fluorescent https://ww2.kqed.org/news/wp-…
  • Some updates~
  • Been a busy couple of weeks in and out of work!  Happy with how everything is coming along. In looking at the shoes in the front and side views, they need a little more height and maybe length to feel more natural.
  • Progress pics on Cool Anubis. Thread is here: http://polycount.com/discussion/191514/wip-cool-anubis#latest
  • Thank you both @Jarran and @EnriqueGn for the suggestions on the thumb! I've lengthened it a little more so hopefully it's looking more natural. Was out of town for a while and just got back to working on the character this week. I've finished the …
  • This is so good! I think you're capturing the concept quite well. Her arms do feel a bit long. I think shortening the torso might have contributed to that. 
  • Blocking for the character's body so far. I'm still tossing around the idea of fully modeling his mouth and eye sockets. It's not ultra necessary for the character but it would be a "fun" challenge. Would love any thoughts/critiques on proportion a…
  • Loving the environment art here and the look of the simple brush strokes.
  • Finally finished up the Garden Knight character! Had a bit work that got in the way of finishing the character. I decided to do a beauty render in UE4 using Robert Brown's gumroad tutorial. ArtStation link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/x4ek2 …
  • Retopo! This is my first real go at retopologizing for a game mesh. This is just under 12k without the leaf cards.
  • This Commander Dank design is so cool! Loving the way it's coming together. 
  • Looks like your studies are coming along nicely! Are you using reference for some of these? Keep it up!
  • Awesome work! The scale placements for the basilisk looks like its coming along nicely.
  • Next project progress... Concept based on piece by Alexandre Diboine https://www.artstation.com/artwork/wwqQ5
  • Looking good so far! I don't think you'll have to worry about the lack of detail back of the piece too much once you have painted textures on this.
  • Well I'm going to call this project done. Been workin' on her for so long, I feel it's time to move on! Finished posing her today and painted some touch ups. I'll give her a proper rendering later. Thank you all for your help throughout the proces…
  • Well I'm going to call this project done. Been workin' on her for so long, I feel it's time to move on! Finished posing her today and painted some touch ups. I'll give her a proper rendering later.
  • Long time no post! Work was quite busy. In the mean time I've polypainted and finished up the rough posing of the character. I'm hoping to get any critiques on facial likeness to the concept and readability. 
  • Sloooowly getting through the posing. I'm liking where she's at right now just need to adjust some studs on her back and polish up the pose in the highest subdiv. 
  • Some more updates~
  • @Leon_Raven - Thank you for the suggestion on the knees! As soon as I reduced them in size, the legs started to feel truer to the concept. Updates to the model: - continued to refine the face. starting to feel like im grasping the likeness of the c…
  • @Milinkre - I will definitely be making a print for myself! It really would make the cutest little desk buddy.
  • Takin a bit of a break on the gladiator to work on this: Artist: https://www.instagram.com/giveafluff/
  • Working on this model based on concept art by Meri here: https://www.facebook.com/Meri-Illustration-Design-221038157993548/ Polycount WIP thread: http://polycount.com/discussion/183960/wip-female-gladiator#latest
  • Hit a big milestone! Most everything is modeled. On my todo list before I head off to texturing is to double check proportions line up with concept, add hair strands, and adjust boot furs. And probably some scene clean up 
  • Some progress i've made. I'm still thinking in the back of my head (and putting off) how to do the scales for the bra and hip-shield. Maybe I'll just have a subtool duplicated over and over like i've done with the studs. Currently working on the s…
  • Slow but steady progress.
  • These are incredible! Amazing work. I love all the breakdowns and materials you did.
  • Thank you both @Tectonic and @Maxilator ! Some adjustments based on suggestions here and elsewhere including; Adjusting where the hair sits on the head, increasing the head size just a smidgen, pronouncing the eyelashes a bit more, softening the ja…
  • I've kinda broken off from the pumpkin witch project to work on another character. Just kept on struggling with the witch and had to move onto a new character. Concept:  Gladiator by Meri (Melanie Holscher) Current WIP:
  • Here is a close up on the face. *still haven't worked on the hair besides blocking it out
  • Been doin' a couple inktobers and working on a new character for a challenge where the premise is to combine two different monsters! I chose a pumpkin scarecrow and a witch.
  • Quite bittersweet finishing up this guy. Probably my first full length character from concept to finish. Here's the artstation link with a few more images: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rvkdG
  • First real render of my Inari's Kitsune Model! Very happy with how it has turned out considering I haven't rendered anything in a long time. 
  • Some anatomy/clothing/folds study.
  • Finished watching Twin Peaks a couple weeks ago and decided to draw a piece on it. This was my first time ever painting a full scene with so many different pieces. 
  • Made a candy corn! Still struggling with normal maps (the image is zbrush) but ill keep messing with it...
  • This pumpkin robot is THE BEST. 
  • Awesome sketches/work. I'm really digging the environment art you did a few weeks back.
  • Make a quick model in ZBrush based on some art by Tanya Boysk! Will probably model the other little designs too. Tried making it low poly and exporting out the various maps but didn't really turn out the way I was hoping. Still fairly noobish at …
  • Using the Transpose Master plugin for the first time. Figured I should transfer my pose to my mesh to see how it turns out.. Only a tiny bit nerve wracking. Looks like it turned out alright! Definitely needs a lot of changes but glad that it works s…
  • Very cool! Haven't heard of that youtube channel before but it looks like it's got a ton of really great instructional videos. Keep at it.