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  • jimsvanberg said: The M is frozen until you get taken out? 
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Dec 2016
  • Geti said: Hey guys, since there was good reception here for Trench Run back when it was 8 colours, I figured you guys might like to see how it's come along. At some point along the way we decided for commercial reasons to bump the colour count…
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Dec 2016
  • Mask_Salesman said: I've been taking alot of influence from Paul Robertson's Scott Pilgrim style. The thing I like about his style is that he animates every last pixel on each frame, if you want to get a bit closer you need to add more …
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Dec 2016
  • I'd certainly chime in with the JOB -> FREELANCE route here, it's not totally essential, for example if you have mad skills and live without such worries as rent, feeding oneself and bills. You may well hoover up some nice work based on your port…
  • Ah yes, it's basically the exact same movement as Super Mario Bros 3 and very similar to mario games. Fares much better with controller if you're not used to that kind of platformer movement.
  • Thanks! Are the controls laggy on your version? They are running at the highest possible rate
  • Maxxon don't seem to give a flying shit what we want... but I'll chip in as a long time sufferer of their superb software VERTEX COLOR TOOLS NORMAL BAKING TOOLS ok, finished! (you know, their FBX exporter actually sets vertex color info, but no t…
  • @adam  yeah I mean on the topic view, not me like this page: http://polycount.com/categories/general-discussion  Would be nice to clearly see: 1. when this was posted 2. when it was updated 3. how many pages it has 4. who posted last
  • currently going through a career change... still running my own indie games studio but freelancing as an Engineer (programmer) these days!
  • also, a date on the topic (posted, last updated, as per the old format) would be nice...  right now all I see it a sign up date for the OP, which doesn't really help?
  • when I hit reply it does nothing (expecting the comment box to at least display the @ handle of the person I'm replying to), when I hit quote it takes me to make a new topic. I hope these are known bugs! Good show in general, PC overhaul was long ov…
  • @chrilley  Unity 2d is fine, missing some features but perfectly fine for 2d pixelart games (I've made a few!) the one thing it does lack is out of the box no-scripting. You need to program your own ... well basically everything. Which can be daunti…
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Nov 2015
  • Bedroom one is easily given away by the badly modelled laptop
  • 11/12 - the barbedwire scene ... even if its 3D it has a lot of post work. The kitchen, car and lemon juicer were the easiest - just think about real world affects and perceived artistic effects
  • Thats my halloween costume sorted then
  • Hopefully bungie goes back to it's MAC roots
  • Great challenge everyone, shame some of them didn't make it in. Maybe they will come back and change that...
  • seems a bit easier to see the images on http://madmaximus83.deviantart.com/ this guy is a one man army
  • MikeF wrote: » Hawken, whats that thing your dreamcast is sitting on top of? It's the dreamcast karaoke system. I tried to take it off but it won't budge so there is stays. The dreamcast collection runs deep in this house.
  • Thanks for the comments & votes guys! Arr was a fun game to make. As for the HTML5 woes, sadly chrome stopped supporting the Unity plugin (boo!) and the OpenGL output is rather shaky. I can get it to work sometimes, other times it just doesn'…
  • eld wrote: » That includes transparency for sprites Lovely work though! That's a highly advanced GB per pixel blend mode
  • mrawolf wrote: » Ha ! cool Hawken. looking great. Rare pixels u say hmm, i have some to. i'm getting low on blood and bone pixels, maybe we can trade:) your game already took all the gore we wanted in ours...
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Aug 2015
  • Voting page is up for Pirate Pop! Do me a solid guys! http://jams.gamejolt.io/gbjam4/games/pirate-pop/84996
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Aug 2015
  • My entry is done! You can play at this link: http://gamejolt.com/games/pirate-pop/84996 Vote for me guys! guys? I will give you each a free pirate. And a pixel, from my collection of extremely rare pixels.
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Aug 2015
  • #GBjam day2 http://www.819kids.com/retrostark/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=73442
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Aug 2015
  • nice work! The gun seems a little small, you may want to measure it compared to your model and rescale things accordingly. Also, you might want to think about the story you're trying to tell here; why does she have a gun? Those things are kinda h…
  • mrawolf wrote: » Looking Good hawken, however i feel the 3d animation stuff is very disjointed (yeah even for me ha), cutting that smooth frame rate down to about 8 FPS would settle it into the scene more and keep more of that NES look you are…
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Jul 2015
  • CatherineC wrote: » Hey guys! Quick question for all of you pixel art masters. I recently got into doing pixel art and I'm working on walk cycles for a sprite that I made. Is there like a standard number of frames for a walk cycle, or is it more o…
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Jul 2015
  • I'll kinda miss the RPG style view but going for side-view for all the things now:
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Jul 2015
  • Currently in crunch on the game for showing at BitSummit2015, but thought I'd share these. Comments welcome as always * (modular NPC system) (Plants, backgrounds & some spot effects get added in game. This is a tilemap) (A map from…
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Jun 2015
  • Muzz wrote: » Fin! Fixed that embarrasing hand. Looking good! quick feedback: eye looks bloodshot (eyes don't have so much SSS) & I would change the crotch patch to something of the same shade as legs but different hue, honest…
  • Sir-Lucius wrote: » Finally finished this up. More high res shots + turnaround + Marmoset Viewer file here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/the-archer-7d3d2cc9-3cba-4bb5-a5b6-5be7d934bb40 It's really refreshing to see this level …
  • some humble townsfolk
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Apr 2015
  • Jeff I feel these could look so much nicer if you upscaled by powers of two, right now the pixels are all wonky. I'm really digging the last one
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Apr 2015
  • Nice sub particles, how did you get some to pass through like that? Is it two separate emitters?
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Apr 2015
  • Post more Treasure Star! btw, Barracuda or Shark, guys?
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Apr 2015
  • Bit more walkcycle: Booty: Booty system confirmed:
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Apr 2015
  • really top quality work here
  • theduderdude wrote: » Hello, What software do you wizards use to animate your pixel art? I was using flash,but my trial expired. Using Ps cs5 now,but the animation tools on that are a bit limited. Just wondering is there's something cheap or fre…
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Apr 2015
  • DhTier wrote: » I see some familiar work here.. Looking good! I've made some low poly chicken. 256x256 diffuse on the bigger ones and 128x128 on the small one. Maya and Photoshop. It's a little hard to see the final model when most …
  • Principe Daemoniorum wrote: » I'd love to see a pixel art game with some advanced lighting techniques. I think it would be a really interesting effect to be reacting to light but also restricted by a colour palette. Like this? http://isgar…
  • Muzz wrote: » Yo dude. Movement wise that walk probably wouldn't feel very fun at in game, it's very slow and floaty at the moment. I would try and make two major frames, and try and make the motion much more snappy between the two and aim f…
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Mar 2015
  • That owl is pretty rockin
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Mar 2015
  • [double post]
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Mar 2015
  • Stinger88 wrote: » Not really sure where to post this. Here will do... Messing around in Unity 5. Tons of fun! www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1ypky8r8Ts Has quite an appealing look to it
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Mar 2015
  • you have all the makings of a pixel art normal map there, just need a side lit version and you are good to go.
  • I'm not familiar with the series but here would be my paintover https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1336763/dota2_paintover.png Basically, you need to think more about weight, posture, lights. That head looks pretty heavy to me, your character…
  • what did you animate this in? Look like a lot of work
    in PIXEL ART Reply by hawken Mar 2015


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